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What To Buy For Nail Technicians In 2021 – Guide To The Best Nail Drill

What To Buy For Nail Technicians In 2021 – Guide To The Best Nail Drill

Making your first nail purchase for a new year could be an exciting moment since it’s not just an expense but an investment in your passion and career. You would use this nail tool for your customers and surprise them with your excellent skills.

And you definitely cannot miss an essential nail drill for your nail career!

Today we would guide you to find the best nail drill through the following questions and explain why you should take them into concerns when selecting one for yourself.

Wanna handle thick acrylic nails?

powerful nail drill

When we talk about getting an electric nail drill, the first feature we should check is the speed, which is defined by the RPM (revolutions per minute). You can simply understand in this way, the higher the better. We recommend you to take the one with over 25000 RPM – qualified for professionals. Higher RPM also means that you can easily perform cutting or shaping even thick acrylic nails.

RPM instructions are as follows:

  1. 0-15,000 RPM: use the drill mainly on natural nails and cuticles.
  2. 15,000-25,000RPM: use it for acrylic nails or both natural and acrylic nails.
  3. 25,000-35,000RPM: use it for more professional nail art work.

Melodysusie Sparkle Pro has an adjustable RPM up to 35000, which is higher than the average professional level and ensures you a very smooth operation on all kinds of nails.

Expecting a durable nail drill?

 durable nail drill

Just like other drills, nail drill is driven by a motor, the key part of a machine. A good motor means enough power and longer life span and less breakdowns.

You will find that the best cordless drill operates on a brushless motor and power tools with a brushless motor are now considered high-end products.

With brushless motor, you don’t have to think about getting replacement for at least a year. Equipped with this surperior motor, Sparkle Pro features least vibration, low noise and low heat, which are the key factors for defining a good E-file.

Don’t want to hold a bulky handpiece all day long?

lightweight nail drill handpiece

Comfort is a priority, especially if you are a professional nail technician working in a salon and receiving many clients, you don’t want to hold a heavy and bulky handpiece for a whole day. Choose a lightweight and slender “pen” for yourself can make your life much easier and more comfortable.

With the weight of only 0.3704lb, Sparkle Pro has a light and slim handpiece, your perfect partner for the filing process.

Thinking of carrying your E-file anywhere?

portable nail drill

If your want to serve your clients at any place without any restraints, or you just want to carry this E-file home and do nails for yourself and besties, plug-in ones can’t be your option. Time to get yourself a rechargeable nail tool, incarnation of convenience and efficiency. Contrary to corded model, rechargeable nail drill allows you to do your work anywhere.

With built-in 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, Sparkle Pro provides more than 8 hours of use per 2-2.5 hours of charge with a quick charge system. Get a Sparkle Pro and enjoy a free manicure experience.

For this nail drill guide, we only prioritize the key features for you to take into consideration and get the best value from your purchase. Try Sparkle Pro, the only thing you’ll regret is why you didn’t buy it earlier.

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I am looking for the electric nail drill for consumer use. This will be for natural nails, cuticle work, pedicure (thick toenails) and callus removal. I will never need it for acrylics. I have been looking all over your site plus amazon plus internet. Their are so many choices it has become confusing. What would you suggest?

Tiffany Meals

Tiffany Meals

I am becoming more interested in doing nails and cutting hair all on my own due to my best friend is always doing her nails all day every day and I think we could be a self owned business. So long story gets quick on the shortness. What would be the best drill machine to learn on

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