Nail Lamps

We generally offer four types nail dryers: fan, UV, LED and dual-band Mixed LED/UV.

• Fans are used for regular gel polish.

• UV lamps emit 350-380nm wavelength light to cure UV gel polishes with 350-380nm photo initiators.

• LED lamps emit 380-410nm wavelength to cure LED gel polishes with 380-410nm photo initiators.

• Dual-band mixed LED/UV lamps emit 350-410nm wavelength light to cure both UV and LED gel polishes.

If you use an LED lamp to cure UV gel polish, for example, the curing time will be significantly longer —or the gel might not even cure at all.We always recommend that you check your current or intended gel polish’s specifications and requirements before purchasing a nail lamp.

No, UV or LED lamp is to cure UV or LED activated polishes. They have no effect on other types of nail polishes.

While manufacturing defects do happen (and in MelodySusie’s case are covered by a generous warranty), user error is the most common cause of problems. Every gel polish has its own curing time and specifications. It’s crucial that users thoroughly review the specifications of their gel polish and nail lamp before purchase/use.

UV exposure time is very short for nail drying (you’ll get more UV exposure on your face while driving), and LED exposure is even safer. If you want to be extra-safe, you can choose to wear a pair of UV protection gloves while curing.

Again this will depend on the specifications of the polish or base/top coat. LED lamps are typically faster-curing. Expect around 60 seconds for a base; 60-90 seconds for gel polish, and 1-2 minutes for the top coat. For UV nail lamps, the time required is approximately double.

Under normal operation, no. Burning usually occurs when either the nail plate has been compromised (filed too much, torn, or broken) or the product has been applied too thick.

“Flash time" happens 2 to 4 seconds into curing time, depending on the gel formulation. It refers to a small amount heat as the chemicals react with the light and each other in order to set and cure. Some have more sensitivity to it than others, but it is a normal part of the process. It can be momentarily painful for some. If you feel any discomfort, remove your hand and set it in front of the lamp indirectly for about 10 seconds, then place it under the light again to cure for the full time.

All products sold in US and European markets come equipped with the correct power supply configuration for the respective region.

It depends on your hand size and the lamp size, please check the product specifications on individual product pages before purchase.

For LED nail lamps, you don't need to replace the bulbs. For UV nail lamp, you should replace bulbs according to the included instructions.

All items from MelodySusie have a 6-12 month limited warranty. If you have any questions about warranty details, feel free to contact us.

Total manicure time depends on a number of factors, such as: nail lamp wattage, application technique, color/brand of gel polish, etc. For the longest-lasting manicures, apply several thin coats of gel and use a base and top coat.

Nail Drills

Yes! It comes with a total of six bits and six sanding bands.

All drill bits included with the MelodySusie nail drill are size is 3/32"; which is the industry standard nail drill bit size.

The nail drill comes with six 3/32" drill bits and six sanding bands. Sanding bands of the same size should work as replacements, if needed.

Yes, forward and reverse rotation directions are available for left-handed users or other needs.

Yes, our nail drills work great with acrylic, gel, and artificial nails alike.

You should be able to use other drill bits, provided the size is 3/32". However, MelodySusie does not support nor guarantee the safe use of third-party accessories.

For all MelodySusie nail drills, the warranty is 6 months from the date of purchase.

Yes, there is a variable speed feature, controlled by the knob on the power control.

No. It is not rechargeable. You should plug the power cord into wall socket.

Yes, removing and attaching drill bits is designed to be quick and easy.

No, it remains quiet, even at high speeds.

Yes, just adjust the speed accordingly according to your polish hardness.

No, it operates easily without a pedal.

1. Rotate the black barrel clockwise (from "S" to "R") until it clicks to release the drill bit.

2. Remove current bit and insert desired bit.

3. Rotate the black barrel counterclockwise (from "R" to "S") until it clicks to lock the drill bit firmly in place.

4. Your nail drill is ready to use.

It’s rechargeable and portable.

1. Connect the adapter to the power control device via the port labeled “DC INPUT”.

2. Connect the power supply to the adapter, and insert the plug into a wall socket.

3. Move the switch of the adapter to the "―" position to begin charging.

The charging display light will only light up when nail drill is powered on.

It takes 8 hours to charge the power control device fully for the first time, but the time shortens to about 2 hours afterwards during subsequent charging.

Gel Polishes

Gel polish will not weaken nails if applied & removed properly. Gel polish can actually provide extra strength to our nails and prevent them from peeling and breaking, allowing them to grow longer and stronger over time.

Premature lifting or peeling is often caused by improper nail preparation. Before applying gel polish, make sure your nails are completely dry. Don’t apply right after taking a shower, washing dishes, swimming, etc. Lightly buff your nails to rough up the surface and then wash them really well with an alcohol-based cleanser to remove any oils. Don’t apply lotion or oil to nails prior to applying gel polish. You can use them after your manicure is complete.

Other possible causes are excessive exposure to water and/or steam like from washing your hands a lot or wearing rubber gloves. If your nails are already brittle, weak or damaged, gel polish may not adhere well. Gel polish adheres best to healthy nails. If your natural nails are peeling, the polish will also peel right along with it.

The brand of the base coat could also be the culprit. Do some experimentation to find the brand that works best for you since they don’t all wear the same on everyone.

If your natural nails are thin, flexible and easily bent, the polish is very likely to crack. You could try applying acrylic nail enhancements to strengthen your nails and prevent them bending.

First, ensure that the bottle of polish is well shaken/mixed. Sometimes the ingredients can separate and cause shrinking. Another cause of shrinkage can be the improper preparation of your natural nail plate. Clean your nails thoroughly with a 91% or higher alcohol solution prior to application to remove any oils or residue.

Apply the gel polish onto only one or two nails and cure them for just a few seconds to give them a partial cure (also known as flash curing). It will make sure the polish stays in place while you apply polish to the rest of your nails. Once you have all of the nails polished and flash cured, you can cure them all for the full length of time.

Some of the highly pigmented gel polishes are thicker and will wrinkle when curing them. With these polishes, it’s important to apply very thin coats. You can also try warming the polish by placing the bottle in warm water before using it. Lastly, there are gel polish thinners which can make the consistency a little thinner and easier to apply.

1.Keep them dry!

Thoroughly dry your nails before applying any gel polish or base coat… do NOT use water.

2.Cuticle Care

The cuticle is the dead skin that attaches to the nail plate at the base of the nail and it needs to be carefully pushed back and removed from the nail so that your gel polish can adhere properly.


After caring for the cuticles, buff the nail plate with a fine grit buffer. Be sure to buff the entire nail plate from edge to edge!

4.Cleansing & Priming

After buffing you will need to remove all of the debris from the nails as well as any excess oils using a lint-free wipe and alcohol-based cleanser.

1.Make sure the gel polish you are using is compatible with the type of nail lamp you have (i.e. fan, UV nail lamp or LED nail lamp).Please note that the LED nail polishes cannot be cured by UV nail lamp.

2.Darker colors need longer curing times. Make sure to apply the gel polish as thin as possible.

3.Use an alcohol cotton pad to wipe the nails if they are still tacky/sticky after your final coat has cured.

1.Prep your nails by filing, lightly buffing, washing and dehydrating.

2.Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure it.

3.Apply 2-3 color coats of preferred gel polish color, curing between each coat.

4.Apply a thin layer of top coat and cure it.

5.Wipe the tops of your nails with nail cleanser or sterile alcohol wipes to remove any tackiness.

1.Protect the skin around your nails with petroleum jelly.

2.Soak some cotton balls in acetone and wrap them onto your fingers using aluminum foil

3.Remove the foil and cotton balls.

4.Gently remove the softened polish. If the polish doesn’t easily come off, don’t scrape too hard and risk damaging your nails! Soak for a few more minutes until the gels are totally dissolved and try again.

5.Condition your nails.

1.Trim your nails.

2.File down the surface of the gel nail polish.

3.Look for signs that you are close to the natural nail.

4.File the remaining gel with a finer-grit file.

5.Condition your nails.

1.Wait until the nails are mostly chipped away.

2.Insert a cuticle stick under the surface of a gel. Work it gently under the gel until the gel is slightly raised around the edge.

3.Peel off the gel.

4.Condition your nails.

1.Buff the shine or top coat off.

2.Soak in acetone for 15-20 minutes.

3.Use a cuticle pusher to scrape the gel polish off the nail.

4.Lightly buff any remaining gel polish off the nail, careful not to file too much or you will weaken your nail beds.

It can last 2-3 weeks if applied properly.

No, it is a one-step gel polish, but you can apply a top coat to make the gel polish last longer.

Yes, it does. All of MelodySusie's gel polishes can be cured under both LED and UV nail lamps.

No, it adheres well on its own. It lasts about 2 weeks or more depending on how well you do your manicure.