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Melody and Susie were two young and passionate nail art professionals/cosmetologists living in San Francisco, California. After seeing many working women struggling to balance work, family, and self-care at their salon, they decided to start a new career. With a shared vision bigger than themselves − to help women achieve balance, in 2009, Melody and Susie founded MelodySusie, a beauty brand with salon-quality products for customers to use at home that was still very affordable.

Through their hard work, the company has now grown into a professional beauty product supplier with multiple product lines. They offer products like Nail Drills, Bits, Nail Lamps and Gels, Fashion Wigs, Skin Care Products and so on. The most notable product is the MelodySusie Nail Drills and Nail Lamps. As a top brand ranked by customers on Amazon, MelodySusie earns a high reputation for its salon-quality, high-efficiency, affordable price, and ease of use. Many fashion bloggers and nail technicians consider the MelodySusie nail lamp to be a "must-have" nail product and it has been appointed as the "exclusive nail brand" by several professional salons in the US. Meanwhile, MelodySusie Nail Drills are also at the top of the list been recommended by many professional influencers and salon users.

Today, Melody, Susie and everyone at MelodySusie are still dedicated to technological innovation to create more professional and reliable home-beauty products that blend fun, fashion, and function together. The MelodySusie team will continue to strive towards its mission: helping women to pursue beauty and personal growth and, most importantly, to pursue the balance in life.


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