6 Nail Trends for 2021 –Inspiring Nail Art Ideas

6 Nail Trends for 2021 –Inspiring Nail Art Ideas

Life is too short for less stellar nails, one of the tips to start 2021 on the right foot would be: get yourself amazing nails. Whether you want to keep a low-profile or stand out to shine, you can always find the right manicures to speak for you. From the hottest designs to the unique color suggestions, we want to offer every sweetie the possibility to “nail it” for the new year.

1. Animal Print

Talking about animal prints, don’t limit your imagination. Of course leopard and cheetah trend would never fade and are always the classic choices, plus the cow print is also the new hit. Patterns may seem to be similar, but you can pick your own colors to be different and add more charm by creative designs like zebra French tips.

Animal Print manicure


2. Alternate Colors

Have you ever experienced this while doing a manicure: you just cannot make a choice between two of your favorite colors? You would put on one color and end up thinking about what it would look like if you choose other colors. Now with alternate colors style, you can have several colors on different fingers, no more hard-to-decide moments and just enjoy a fashionable design with all your preferences.

Alternate Colors manicure


When purchasing a gel nail polish set, if you don’t know which to take, go for the one with most colors, and here we have a 24-color Spring Break for your option.

24 colors gel nai polish


3. Velvet Nails

As an upgrade from routine glitter or metallic polish, the velvet manicure is not a new but still hot trend, the light bounces off the fingernails is just eye-catching. From emerald green, champagne and silver shimmer, you can always find a velvet look that resonates with your taste.

Velvet Nails


4. Negative Space Manicure

Well, let’s talk about the practical part before we move on to the aesthetic part, negative space nails can really last longer than other designs, since your natural nail is incorporated into the nail art, with the growing nails the design can still look good. And what’s more important, just like its resistance to chips, this style would also resist being obsolete and always be the unique fashion.

Negative Space Manicure


For the negative space design, it would be more fun to use colorful glitters, just like this Starry Night collection.

starry night


5. Pastel Nails

For the coming spring, summer or if you just want to lighten things up a bit, this subtle and sweet feeling-good colors are your good nail companions. Plus, just use a little imagination, you can create so many breath-taking designs including: pastel rainbow, ombre pastel, marble pastel and pastel with glitter accent.

pastel nails


Pastel colors actually create the atmosphere of elegance and have rich connotation without a tendency to show off, just like Melodysusie’s Morandi Romance set.

morandi romance


6. Minimalist Look

Less is more – the charm of minimalist. From glittered cuticles to tiny gold wires, minimalist nail art is guaranteed to take your nail game from zero to one hundred in less time. You don't need big design to make a big statement. For doing manicure at home, the good news is that minimalist designs are totally accessible and easy to create.

minimalist look nails

We know we are prepared when we see our nails are perfectly done. Pick your favorite style and be armed to the nails now!

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The practicality of negative space manicures is just one of the reasons why they’re still trending in 2021. Not only do they last longer, but they’re also a unique and stylish way to show off your natural nail.



OMG! These nail arts are amazing!



Nails: one thing you can get into shape without exercise



Pastel nails are a great way to add a touch of sweetness and femininity to your look, and there are so many different ways to incorporate these soft and subtle hues into your nail designs. From pastel rainbow to ombre pastel and marble pastel, the possibilities are endless. I love how versatile this trend is!



I’ve always been a fan of animal print nail art, and I love how versatile it is. Whether you’re going for a bold and daring look or something more subtle and understated, there’s a way to incorporate animal print into your nail designs.

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