Why Everyone Is Getting A Rechargeable Nail Drill?

Why Everyone Is Getting A Rechargeable Nail Drill?

A good nail drill is always indispensable for doing nails. There are actually two main types of E-files according to the charging difference-corded or cordless, both have their advantages.

Now the question is, why rechargeable? The answer is quite simple, it is convenient to carry anywhere, just like we have mobile phones with us instead of fixed-line phones.

In the meantime, everything wireless is becoming so popular, TWS earbuds for example, guess no one likes being tied up by strings. So why not join in the trend by starting getting yourself a cordless rechargeable nail tool?

And when we are looking for a best choice of rechargeable nail drills, what are the concerns?

We’re going to introduce both best professional choice and the amateurs’ preference, covering everything you need to know to make the decision.

Professional’s NO.1 Choice – Sparkle Pro

It’s not hard to recognize from its name – Pro, just like IPhone Pro version, always with a upgraded configurations, Sparkle Pro is also better in motor, material, design and user experience.

Why for professional?

1. Brushless motor

When we talk about a good machine, no matter it is a McLaren or MelodySusie, motor is always the key part. So the first upgrade worth noticing is the brushless motor applied by Sparkle Pro while most other products are using brushed motors.
Here are the brief comparison between brushless motor and brushed motor and why the former is better.

2. Low vibration

Simply put, a brushless motor can directly improve the user experience with low vibration that many of our customers say in their reviews “barely feel nothing while turning it on”.

3. Long lifespan

With equipped brushless motor, you are getting a very reliable and durable work partner, here to witness your development and prosperity in your nail career.

4. 0-35000RPM

Higher the speed, wider the use.
While most nail drills are only available up to 30000RPM, Sparkle Pro is here for the real professional needs.
Absolutely no worries handling any kinds of nails and always beyond your expectation for the smooth performance.

5. > 8 Hours of use for a full charge

Provides more than 8 hours of use per 2-2.5 hours of charge with a quick charge system, short-time full charge but long-time battery life for use. It is an ideal electric nail file for professional uses –serving clients elsewhere out of salon, class demo and products display, etc.

Not to mention the large smart LCD screen for electricity and status display, rechargeable and portable design to take it anywhere, definitely what you are looking for as a salon owner or nail technicians.

Click here to explore more about it!

Now what’s for beginners? What do you value most?
Easy operation, not too expensive and better from a reputable brand?

Then here you are – MelodySusie Scamander Rechargeable Nail Drill.

Why for beginners?

1. Good deal for lower budget

Half price of Sparkle Pro and average of nail drill on the market. But the E-file itself is above the average nail drills in many aspects.

2. 0-30,000 Adjustable RPM

This allows you to start from the basic steps with lowest speed and gradually improve your skills and also be satisfied when you are doing more challenging work.
You should always be aware of the RPM for beginners is not the higher the better, but the most suitable the better, otherwise you may easily hurt yourself. So always start from the lower RPM and get used to it and then go higher.

3. Easy operation

With the smart LCD screen showing the RPM and electricity, you can choose the desired speed when you do your nail artwork as easy as playing a song on your Phone.

4. Rechargeable and portable hook design

When I first start doing nails, I did not just doing mine, I enjoy it a lot doing it for my friends and family members. So a cordless nail file just makes it so much easier!Also, a portable hook of the body case lets you can hang it on your belt, waist, also can be packed into your traveling bag or case.

5. > 6 Hours of use for a full charge

With built-in 2000mAh battery, this can provide 6-8 hours of use per 2.5 hours of charge with a quick charge system.

Combining all the features above, Scamander is indeed a top rechargeable E-file choice for beginners with this amazing price.

Click here to explore more about it!

Now, I bet you must have a decision in your mind and it’s time to put it into practice.
Sparkle Pro or Scamander?  Get one now to enjoy the great offer ever!

While getting a nail drill, you must not miss nail bits to go with and perfect match- a nail dust collector.



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Joyce Redger

Joyce Redger

They need to come with a Foot Pedal! I love my Medicool 35K, with a Foot Pedal! When I release Foot Pedal it stops-Hands-Free! Once you offer one like this I will be interested in purchase!!!

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