Picking the Best Nail Polish for Your Skin Tone

Picking the Best Nail Polish for Your Skin Tone

Painting your nails is always exciting, but the toughest part is choosing which color to use. With the hundreds and thousands of shades to choose from, it can get overwhelming to pick a shade that would look great on your hand. And while it's fun to match your nail color to your outfit, mood, or even season, experts say that just like with hair and makeup, our nails should be matching our skin tone, too.

Not many are aware that there are certain colors that make for the best nail polish for pale skin, while other colors suit medium or darker complexions much better. And so before you paint your nails again or make a trip to the salon, here is a quick guide to choosing a shade that looks amazing on you:

Nudes are always a good idea

Nudes tend to work best for just about any skin tone, especially those with light or medium complexions. Those with lighter skin tones will benefit the most from pinkish nudes, but if you're pale and have a yellow undertone, avoid wearing beige. For medium colored skin, beige nudes or nudes with a tinge of pink typically work best. For deeper skin tones, nude shades that are almost pastel-like, or you can stick to warmer shades like milky browns.

nude nails with rhinestones
(credits to @clawsbyelena)

If you find the final product a bit lacking and would like to add some oomph to your nails, you can always spice things up by incorporating some embellishments. Our nail rhinestones are an excellent option as they come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. You can turn your nails from bland to dazzling by adding these high-quality gems, all of which feature a variety of shapes and colors. The best part is they aren't just for nail art! You can also use them for DIY craft decorating, clothes, eye makeup, face, body art, bags, and more.

Pinks are for everyone

The term "pretty in pink" exists for a reason. Pink shades are universally flattering no matter the skin tone, so it's also known as a no-fail color when it comes to nail polish. If you have pale skin, soft baby pinks and bright fuchsias will undoubtedly complement your complexion, while medium skin tones will look amazing in peachy pink shades. As for deeper skin tones, bright, vibrant pinks or deep berries would look stunning.

pink nails
(credits to @monika__nails)

Of course, you can always elevate the look and try out nails in more patterns and forms instead of just painting your nails. The good news is it's not exactly difficult to do, especially if you have the Melodysusie Beginner's Kit. Regardless of your experience with manicure, the kit makes the process a piece of cake. You can have everything you need for doing great nails at home.

Blue's for you

Another universal color that would work on pretty much any skin tone is blue. It may not seem like it at first, but since it comes in every shade—from bright hues to cool, icy tints—the color is wearable and versatile on everyone. Played down blue shades like navy would look great on pale skin, while sky blues or pastel blues work best on medium complexions. Vibrant blues, like cobalt or neon blue, would look beautiful on those with deeper skin tones.

blue nails
(credits to @matuszewsk.a)

While blue is already an exciting color in and of itself, you may want to take it up a notch by doing gradient nails. The 8 colors+1 matte topcoat set by Melodysusie has everything you need to nail (pun intended) a gradient design. It has a selection of different blue hues, along with other colors, so you can mix and match as you like.

Ask a professional

If you're still apprehensive about choosing a color on your own, you can always skip all of the tips and just go straight to an expert at your nearest nail salon. Most nail technicians who work in or run their own nail salon will know exactly which nail polish will suit you, especially given how 76% of them use their own products in the salon. They’ll know the ins and outs of which colors and styles look great on a variety of skin tones, so they'll be able to recommend a shade that will suit you best. While you're at it, you can take it one step further and research whether these technicians are experts with things like natural nails, acrylics, polish, gels, or nail art, so you know where to go if you need some professional work done.

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