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MelodySusie Valentine's Day Nail Art

13 Easy and Stunning Valentine's Day Nail Ideas for 2024

Valentine's Day is likely to be a day of hearts, chocolates, and flowers, and a reason to celebrate all kinds of love. Regardless of how you feel about Valentine's Day, there's no denying that it p...

Tutorial & TipsMelodySusie remove nail art healthily and safely

How to: the Safe and Healthy Nail Art Removal Tips without Damage

 Are you constantly picking off gel nail polish? When the edges of your nails start to peel, are you content to pick off every little piece of peeling gel? These bad habits can be very damaging to ...

Trendfall nail trend banner

2023 Autumn Nail Trends and 5 Steps to Do a Fall Vibe French Manicure

Fall is already in the air, bringing to mind hot caramel lattes, falling golden leaves, and pumpkin pie ......... As the season changes, now it's the perfect time to refresh your nail style and giv...

Tutorial & TipsThe Evolution of Nail Drill Bits: Driven by Nail Art Trends

The Evolution of Nail Drill Bits: Driven by Nail Art Trends

Did you know that MelodySusie offers over a hundred different types of nail drill bits? Just like the diverse world of lipstick shades and functions, the market for nail drill bits is still expandi...


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Tutorial & TipsGet the File Right: Common Nail File Questions Answered

Get the File Right: Common Nail File Questions Answered

Nail files are essential tools in the world of nail care. Whether you're shaping or polishing your nails, they are versatile assistants. Have you ever found yourself selecting colorful nail files w...

Tutorial & Tipsacrylic-nail-powder

Beginners Guide to Acrylic Nail Powder

Are your friends discussing dip powder nails and suggesting that you give it a try as well? If you're an avid social media user, it's likely that you've encountered captivating dip powder nail desi...

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