How to Pick a Good E-file Nail Drill



A must-have for manicure or pedicure. A Nail drill is nail technicians’ best buddy. It is a manicuring device that is made with a handpiece and replaceable bits.  

A nail file is a tool used to gently grind down and shape the edges of nails. They are often used in manicures and pedicures after the nail has been trimmed using appropriate nail clippers. Nail files may either be emery boards, ceramic, glass, crystal, plain metal files or metal files coated with corundum.



We usually choose nail drills per below product factors

1. Rotational speed: The higher the torque, the higher the speed of the drill. And

the speed determines the product function. The E-file nail drill will be used more widely with the higher speed because it will not be easy to stop turning with friction when polishing.

2. Vibration: The vibration frequency of a drill can affect the personal experience. If the vibration frequency is too high, your hands will be numb easily, so that it will affect the operating sensitivity.

3.Heat dissipation: Any E-file nail drills will produce a lot of heat inside because of the high speed of the motor. So a handle of good heat dissipation can protect your hands from high temperature scalding. For the ordinary carbon brush drill, long - term use will shorten the life of it if the heat generated by motor rotation cannot be released.

4. Noise level: Harsh noise is harmful to one's hearing, so it is also important to choose a low noise drill.

5. Bit heads: Different bit heads can be used in many different ways. You just need to buy a drill to achieve a wide range of usage needs if the size of the bit head jack for a drill you bought is in line with the wide variety of standard sizes available on the market.

6. Lifespan: At present, the price of professional drill is not cheap, so it is a good investment to buy a drill with a long life.

7. Fashion appearance and vertical design: The Drill bit fixture could be used to place the nail drill bits, and the Handpiece Hole could be used to place the handpiece when not in use.



Recommend one E-file Nail Drill for You


Scarlet Electric Nail Drill is the latest product on MelodySusie. MelodySusie Scarlet Nail Drill File comes with a foot pedal in 30000 RPM that allows you to "bring your beauty salon home" and do your own manicures like a pro. Functional, versatile, and quiet, it's an essential tool for nail-care veterans and newcomers alike. Scarlet is a corded model, which typically works best for full manicures. You’ll get more power from it and you’ll never have to worry about it running out of power in the middle of a manicure.


The Speed control knob stands for RPM, which is reasonable and accurate. We refer to the round controller on the volume of the speakers. Scarlet offers multiple speed settings to allow you to customize the power for each task. Get one Scarlet, Do all your nail work.

0-15,000 RPM: allows you to use the drill mainly on natural nails.

15,000-25,000 allows you to use it for acrylic nails or both natural and acrylic nails.

25,000-30,000 allows you to do the more professional nail art work.


To control the direction that the drill spins by pressing the F&R button.

This feature makes it easier for both right- and left-handed people to use the drill, and it’s extremely handy when you’re doing manicures on other people.


The handpiece is made of aluminum alloy with a unique metallic luster. Lightweight and durable use. The special material and ample ventilation holes design, will not create much heat to hurt your hand and will prevent the dust into the handpiece. Please do not cover the ample ventilation holes on the handpiece, when using the device.

And the handpiece works with all kinds of 3/32” shank bits.


The humanized design with the scarlet---hand and foot working mode. It is equipped with a pedal, which allows you to control the drill with your foot. You can easily turn the drill on and off with the foot pedal. When you step on the pedal, the handpiece will stop to rotate. When you don't step on it, the handpiece will rotate.


At the same time, we also have a set of basic diamond nail drill bits, which are 6 x Drill Bits in this package.

Come to get your own Efile here:



  • Posted on by Natalie
    Hi there I’m interested in buying the Scarlett nail drill.. the question I had was the drill bits that come with the drill.. can they used on removing callus and the just used on the natural nail itself or do I need buy different bits as well.
  • Posted on by Kristhell
    I like very much I arrive earlier than I expected, I’m In love.

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