The E-File Integration in 2022: Powerful Brushless Motor Inside and Elegant Retro Design Outside

The E-File Integration in 2022:  Powerful Brushless Motor Inside and Elegant Retro Design Outside

Now let’s chat about why a nail drill is essential to our manicure journey. If you are a professional manicurist or a nail art enthusiast, a nail drill would be a great tool to make your mani time effectively and efficiently. Think about how your wrists and hands would feel if you are constantly filing and buffing while shaping or prepping without a proper nail drill. Why not take good care of our hands and let the nail drill do the tough job and save you half the amount of time, which gives you more time to show off your nail art.

How can we choose a perfect nail drill that suits ourselves? Let see what people care most while selecting a nail drill. MelodySusie conducted a survey and it can be clearly seen from the pie chart that nail drill users are more likely to consider its rotation speed and the features of handpiece.



Nail Drill Survey by MelodySusie

Based on this, MelodySusie is going to introduce two nail drills: Jade and Jade Plus to meet different needs.

Look at their vintage appearances, it is inspired by early 18th-century architecture, which make them look more elegant and different from the normal nail drills you usually have. Besides, they are more than stunning, what make them good choices is the good quality.


Are you feeling a little hesitant to buying a nail drill because it is usually for professionals? Don’t worry, MelodySusie always keeps our beginners in mind. Our Jade is perfect for you if you are looking for a potable nail drill which can be used mainly on daily trimming, grinding, carving, cutting, and polishing for all nail arts as well as cuticle removal since the rotational speed is able to go up to 30000 RPM. It is one of the smallest and lightest nail drill in the market, which is only o.75lb. The rechargeable, cordless and portable characteristic enables you to take it everywhere. Besides, for manicures and refills, you will need to work forward and reverse. The Forward/Reverse mode allows you to work in different directions without holding your hand in a twisted position.

Jade Plus

When we talk about a good nail drill, the motor used is always a key element. If you are a professional manicurist, our Jade Plus would be better for you.

Most of the nail drill is 30000RPM maximum, but the Brushless Motor of Jade Plus make the rotational speed up to 350000RPM, which has a wider range of use and make the mani process more efficient compared to Jade. Its performance can meet professional needs and handle any type of mani requirements in nail salons. Besides, Brushless Motor enables you and your customers to experience a low vibrate mani, as many customers indicate, “it’s crazy quiet and I feel nothing when I turn it on”. What’s more, Brushless Motor have a longer lifespan than any other Brushed Motor nail drills, which is more than 10000 hours while the lifespan of a Brushed motor is about 600 hours. Jade Plus is the upgraded version of Jade, the feature of LCD screen, rechargeable, cordless and potable design, the Brushless Motor make it a must-have of all professional manicurists as well as salon owners.

Speaking of the handpieces, both Jade and Jade Plus can give you a nice experience with low noise, low vibration and low heat. Additionally, they are lightweight so that you won’t feel uncomfortable or too heavy for a long working. It really gives your hands and wrist a breath and help you work efficiently.

Are you ready to choose a nail drill that suitable for you? Which one do you prefer, our Jade or Jade Plus?

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Brenda Boinett

Brenda Boinett

Melody Susie is the best brand have ever used, you never go wrong with this magical machine I call it love of my life. Have been using it for many years



Melodysusie efiles have to be right up there with the best. I now have 2 and as someone with problematic hands, they help so much



That color is amazing! I need ittt



I am a fan of MelodySusie and I have to say love this drill 10/10!!!



I need to upgrade my MelodySusie Nail Drill. This one looks like the ticket!!

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