Treat Your Mom on Mother's Day with a DIY Manicure Gift

Treat Your Mom on Mother's Day with a DIY Manicure Gift

Mothers are gifts from God, and they are irreplaceable. No matter how old we are, they always support and take care of us. Whether you are a new mom, a mom-to-be, or a daughter who love your mom, Mother’s Day is a perfect day to celebrate and return the love and warmth they have been showing us for years.

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day and express our utmost love on this special day! You can surprise her by taking your mom out for shopping, and get them new dresses, or take a walk with just two of you to spend some time together. Here is another good idea, you can also paint their nails, and your unique nail art designed by yourself would absolutely make the day more special. Besides, you can decorate your own nails differently as well.

Now check out the plan for special Mother’s Day with MelodySusie below.

Plan an At-home Nail Spa Day

mother's day

Show your mom how much she is loved and appreciated on Mother's Day with this at-home nail spa. Our new arrival Jade Rechargeable Nail Drill 30,000RPM enables you to realize it.


jade detail

Look at this elegant appearance, the golden and white color as well as the adjusting button give it a vintage style. It’s suitable for both beginners and professionals since the speed can reach 30,000 so that you can easily grind, cut, carve, remove gel polish and cuticles. Whether you would like to use it in salons or at home or travel, the light weight and potable size allow you to simply carry it everywhere. Besides, it is of great quality with low vibration and low noise, and the silicone rubber material for the handpiece can avoid heat and stress. You’ll feel comfortable while using it.

If you have enough budget and want to make your gift more special, our Kanon Rechargeable Nail Drill 35,000 RPM is perfect for you.


Kanon is a Premium Quality Professional Electric Nail Drill from MelodySusie with its special design like a record player which is so different from the normal nail drills. This rechargeable nail drill can provide a high-performance experience, with high speed and smart LCD screen display and Long Battery, which is able to polish your nails easily and show the speed and remaining battery level clearly. What’s more, the best thing for Mother’s Day is you can enjoy your mom’s name or special wishes engraved on your drill. We combine the cool laser engraving technology with our Kanon nail drill to make it the most special one in the world just like your mom and yourself. This multifunctional and easy-to-use nail drill is a perfect gift that you and your mom really deserve.

Press-on Nails

If you are not confident about your manicure skill, how can we provide a DIY nail art at home? Press-on nails are the perfect choice for you. The beauty of press-on nails is their combination of glamorous appearance and simple application process, which is cheaper than regular salon visits and healthier than acrylics.

solid color


Look at these stunning nail arts, can you imagine you can simply do it at home by yourself? Solid color is always a good choice and suitable for every occasions. If you want to be more creative, you can paint your favourite pattern or some simple lines on it. Our press-on nails can make you easy to design your own nail art. If you want to save time but also enjoy a salon looking nail art, our stylish press-on nails are ready for you. All you need to do is to choose proper sizes of your nails and then press it. Your mom will feel primped, polished, and spoiled, just what she deserves on this special day.

I hope you loved all these nail tools and will be trying them! Enjoy this day with your mom. If you are not able to be there with her due to covid, at least send her a lovely gift or give her a call. It will indeed make her day and make her feel special. Don't just post it on social media, but express it to your mom. This would mean a lot to her.

Melodysusie will celebrate this special day with you together: Happy Mother’s Day! Please feel free to use the following code to save more money.

mother's day sale


If you are interested in exploring more about the Kanon Nail Drill and press-on nails tutorial, please click the following link.

The Most Luxury Manicure Gift: Customize Your Name on Kanon Rechargeable Nail Drill

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there! 💐



OMG, these nail tools are amaziiing! 🤩 I’m sooo excited to surprise my mom with a DIY manicure on Mother’s Day.



Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat my mom to a special day of pampering.



I love the idea of DIY press-on nails for a quick and easy salon look at home. MelodySusie’s stylish press-on nails are perfect for my busy mom who doesn’t have time to go to the salon. I can’t wait to surprise her with these on Mother’s Day!



Wow, these nail tools are sooo amazing! I’m definitely planning an at-home nail spa day for my mom this Mother’s Day with MelodySusie’s Jade Rechargeable Nail Drill. She deserves to be pampered and spoiled!

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