A New Nail Art Lamp to Revolutionize Your Manicure Journey

A New Nail Art Lamp to Revolutionize Your Manicure Journey

A stunning nail art can always impress others! Nowadays, different nail arts not only symbolize fashion and beauty, various shapes, colors and styles can also express your mood and personality. Thus, manicure won the hearts of both manicurists as well as consumers. In order to have a marvelous manicure, we need to use appropriate tools such as our essential nail art lamp, otherwise, you have to wait for your gel polish to dry for ever and ever.

There is a wide range of nail art lamp in the nail market, with their own features and qualities, but today MelodySusie is going to introduce our special 2 in 1 nail art lamp, and this salon-quality lamp can revolutionize your manicure journey.

Please follow the video to experience the power of MelodySusie Innovation!

Unique Design and Perfect for Applying Nail Plates

You can rarely find a curing lamp like this one in the nail art lamp market. It is perfect for manicurists as well as nail artists like you, especially for being used in professional nail salon.

Why would I be confident to say that? Compared with the traditional nail lamp, the nail art light is more focused and it is very suitable for applying the nail plate, specifically, the nail plate needs to be pressed by hand to ensure that there are no air bubbles, you can adjust the angle of the nails freely so that the entire nail surface is perfectly covered with UV light, and it dries really quickly without missing any spaces.

Large Space Suitable for Dedicated Nail Work

If you are a hand-painted enthusiasts for your nails, this 2 in 1 nail art lamp is the one you must have. Its two-in-one design allows you to switch the LED light and the UV light, it is convenient for fine work such as polishing, painting and sticking rhinestones. Besides, while you are curing your gel polish for 60 seconds, it will switch to LED light mode automatically, or you can also simply touch the button on the head to switch it if needed.

Flexible Tube Design Perfect to Work on Different Customers and Meed Different Usage Habits

What’s more, one of the most special features of our 2 in 1 nail art lamp is due to the flexible tube design, which gives it a unique appearance. Besides, you can freely adjust it from various angles to meet different usage habits and usage scenarios of different manicurists. And it can be carried to different occasions since it is rechargeable and cordless. The battery can last for 6 hours’ use.

What are you waiting for? This is the nail lamp that enables you to experience a totally different manicurist journey!

If you would like to know more about our other nail lamps, don’t hesitate to click the following links, I hope you can choose your best nail lamp from MelodySusie.

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