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How To Do The Perfect Manicure

Essential steps for a manicure.

Clip and File Your Nails

Clip nails first, if necessary. Then file (in one direction) to get your tips square, round or somewhere in between.

Buff Your Nails

Using the roughest side of the buffer, buff your nails gently, moving the buffer from side-to-side.

Push Back Your Cuticles

Use a cuticle pusher to shape your cuticles.

Apply the Gel Polish to Your Nails

You only need to apply one coat for one-step gel. Choose your favorite color, maybe do a little design.

Curing Your Nails with A Nail Lamp

When you use gel nail polish or an at home UV nail polish set, you will need a nail lamp. Unlike regular nail polish, gel nails will not dry properly or stay on if you do not curate them with an LED lamp for nails.

Shine Your Nail Like Always

Nail drills with salon-level experience.

Essential Nail Accessories

Good helpers for your nail art work.

Gel Polish Colors

Party, working, vacation, and family, no limitations on your nail styles.

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Our products are beloved by celebrity nail pros.

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