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MelodySusie SM180F nail drill

MelodySusie's 2024 New Launch: Trend-leading SM180F Stepless Speed Control Nail Drill

In the nail industry, technological advancements are always thrilling. For professional manicurists and nail enthusiasts, having advanced tools is the key to improving work efficiency and creating ...

ProductMelodySusie Fleurwee Gel Nail Polish

Embrace Nature's Elegance: The Story of MelodySusie Fleurwee Gel Polish

We have explored quiet valleys, delved into lush rainforests, climbed cliffs, and stepped into endless seas of flowers. After years of exploration and countless journeys, MelodySusie uncovered plan...

Product3 Must-have Hair and Nail Gift Box Ideas for Mother's Day 2024

3 Must-have Hair and Nail Gift Box Ideas for Mother's Day 2024

This special Mother's Day is all about expressing our heartfelt gratitude for our moms. What better way to show your love than with a thoughtful gift? MelodySusie has handpicked 3 Mother's Day gift...

ProductMelodySusie 15ml Gel Nail Polish

What Defines High-Quality Gel Nail Polish? The Science Behind the Perfect Formula

In recent years, the world of nail care and aesthetics has undergone major changes, with gel nail polish taking center stage. This innovation has revolutionized the way we do our nails, providing l...


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ProductMelodySusie Stepless Hair Dryer

A New Chapter from Nails to Hair Care — MelodySusie Fast Drying Hair Dryer Launched

Like coffee brands venturing into frozen foods and healthy beverages, MelodySusie believes in the power of technology to create superior products. Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves ...

ProductCrafting Nails with Precision: Your Ultimate Nail Brush Selection Manual

Crafting Nails with Precision: Your Ultimate Nail Brush Selection Manual

For nail art, precision and creativity are the keys to crafting stunning, intricate designs that leave a lasting impression. And what's the secret behind achieving those breathtaking nail art maste...

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