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The Essential Tips and Tricks for Mastering Nail Art Brushes

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Are you eager to enhance your nail art game? Come and learn about the essential nail art brushes: acrylic nail brushes and nail liner brushes. Whether you are a nail art enthusiast or a beginner, these tools are indispensable. Acrylic nail brushes are perfect for lengthening nails and sculpting intricate designs, while nail liner brushes excel at fine tracing, coloring, and outlining. In this blog, MelodySusie will share simple tips and tricks for using and caring for these common nail art brushes to help you improve your nail art skills. In addition, we will introduce two new nail art brushes to expand your options and creativity.

Understanding Your Tools: Acrylic Nail Brushes and Nail Liner Brushes

melodysusie nail brush

Melodysusie's newly developed high-quality and new color nail art brushes boast ergonomic designs and premium materials. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced nail artist, you'll experience comfortable operation with our nail brushes.

3 Tips for Using Nail Brushes

1. Choose the right brush size

Nail brushes come in various sizes, each serving a specific purpose. Achieve the perfect set by understanding the different size brushes and who should use them. Generally, #8 #12 #14 are the most popular sizes people choose. For newbies, starting with #8 is recommended. Most nail technicians prefer #12 for nail extensions.

2. Master brush control

The precision and control with nail art brushes is crucial for mastering intricate designs and flawless finishes. Pay attention to how you hold your brush and the pressure you apply while painting. Light, gentle pressure is ideal for delicate lines and detailing, while slightly firmer pressure can be used for broader strokes and coverage.

3. Keep your brushes clean

Cleaning your brushes between color applications prevents cross-contamination of colors, ensuring that each shade remains true and vibrant. This is especially important when working with light or pastel colors that can easily be tainted by darker pigments. It also can achieve crisp Lines: A clean brush allows for more precise and defined lines in your nail art designs.

In-Depth Look at Acrylic Nail Brushes

Acrylic nail brushes for acrylic powder systems, different sizes allow for nail extension, nail carving, nail decoration, and acrylic nail design. Smaller brushes are suitable for detailed work, while larger brushes are ideal for covering larger nail surfaces.

-Size 6 and 8: These are small-sized brushes that are small enough for intricate designs but large enough for sculpting. The smaller size gives you a feel of control when applying acrylic beads. They’re easy to use and ideal for beginner techs.

acrylic nail brush

-Size 10, 12 and above: These are large brushes that are suitable for quick application on long extensions. They’re ideal for experienced nail techs. a size 12 lets you create larger beads and overall your application time is shortened. If you are a salon owner, this large brush is perfect. 

acrylic nail brush

In-Depth Look at Nail Liner Brushes

Liner brushes stand out with their unique shape and thin bristles, available in short, medium, and long lengths for various nail art tasks. The short liner brush can be used for drawing short lines, wavy lines, or doing more detailed nail art. The medium liner is more suitable for delineating French nails and filling colors. The long liner brush is easier to draw continuous and straight lines on long nails.
-Size 5mm:
This super fine-tipped brush is only 5mm in length and is the perfect tool if you are looking for precise control. 

liner nail brush

-Size 9mm: This 9mm fine liner brush is a must-have for perfecting builder gel and gel polish application. It offers slightly more length which will allow you to glide the super soft bristles along sidewalls and around the cuticle area with outstanding accuracy.

nail liner brush

-Size 20mm: The 20mm is the longest of our fine liner brushes, and it’s perfect for creating neat lines and offers versatility in lots of different nail art techniques. Whether you are creating a French, swirls, checks, or outlines, the length of the bristles allows you to glide product onto the nail with ease.

liner nail brush

3 Tips for Maintaining Nail Art Brushes

1. Clean Regularly
Use a gentle brush cleaner or mild soap and water to clean the bristles, then reshape them while they are still damp. Here are two videos on maintaining the acrylic nail brush and nail liner brush.

#Acrylic Nail Brush

#Nail Liner Brush

2. Store Properly
Store your nail brushes upright in a clean container or brush holder to prevent deformation of the bristles and damage to the brush handles. Make sure the brushes are completely dry before storing to prevent mold or mildew.
3. Repair Damaged Brushes

The bristles of nail art brushes can blow out after a long time of use. To address this issue, start by repairing the original shape of the nail brush by soaking it in warm water. Finally, apply a base coat to protect and shape the brush’s bristles. Please note: The temperature of the warm water should be slightly higher than body temperature; it should feel a bit hot when tested with your hand.

In conclusion, mastering the use of acrylic nail brushes and nail liner brushes is essential for elevating your nail art game. By following the tips and tricks shared in this blog, you'll be well-equipped to create stunning designs and express your creativity with confidence.

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