2024's Must-Try Nail Styles for the Spring & Summer Seasons

MelodySuise Top Nail Styles 2024

With metallic and chrome manicures reigning supreme last winter, it's no surprise that this stunning trend is set to continue into 2024. The nail landscape for the 2024 is all about embracing bold, vibrant nail art ideas. MelodySusie has curated a collection of fresh and playful nail art concepts for the spring and summer seasons, drawing inspiration from the spring/summer 2024 runways. We're here to forecast the trends that will bring these ideas to life.

Whether you prefer a salon experience or enjoy experimenting at home, these manicure ideas are perfect for anyone looking to elevate their style game. Keep scrolling to discover the hottest nail art trends of Spring/Summer 2024.

8 Hottest Nail Styles for Spring & Summer 

1. Flower Nails

Flower Nails for Spring@ennysglamroom

This manicure is decked out with elaborate 3D flower embellishments. The perfectly flower-shaped makes the look extra glamorous.

2. French Nails

French Nails for Spring@napaznokciach

With a base of sheer pale pink or milky white, glitter to add detail is the perfect way to make this French nail design pop out even more.

3. Aura Nails

Aura Nails for Spring@ognailsuk
If you love an aura nail and want a warm color, airbrushed orange on top makes the manicure perfect for spring.

4. Hearts Nails

Hearts Nails for Spring@embrace.nails

Swipe on a red gel nail polish with a few painted white hearts, then finish with a magnetic top coat to create that beautiful look, which is exactly what this trend is all about.

5. Chrome Nails

Chrome Nails for Summer@monika__nails

Baby-purple chrome adds a summer vibe to your fingertips. This shade makes each nail look like a galaxy of its own. It's easy to achieve this look using chrome nail powder top coat for DIY enthusiasts.

6. Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails for Summer@nailsby.tiff

To really lean into this shimmering veil effect, you could stick on a few things like pearls and dainty chains. It’ll take your manicure look up a notch.

7. Mix and Match Nails

 Mix and Match Nails for Summer@nailssbymo_

If you're in love with combining an assorted mix of all your favorite designs, try add-ons like 3D details pop, which make possibilities endless.

8. Bow Nails

Bow nails for Summer@beautybysheilaa

If you're looking for the pastel ballet look, lean into pink colors - like these pink details - and add a few dainty bows. The pink and white colors make this bow nail art fabulous.

3 Steps to Make a Summer Flowers Vibe Nail Art

1. Prep your nails

To begin with, handle your nails carefully and remove dead skin.

handle your nails

Choose the right size for the nail extensions.

nail extensions

 2. DIY your nail art 

Apply the base coat and the nail gel polish color.

Two tips for designing flowers:

A: Use solid nail glue gel.

  • Take 5 drops of medium-sized solid nail glue, rolled into a ball shape.
  • Place them on the nail surface, using a dotting brush to press the center of the flower to form water-droplet-shaped petals, and cure it under your nail lamp.

solid nail glue gel

  • Use a liner brush to take the chrome nail powder top coat, draw on the petals' edge. Cure it under your nail lamp 20s - 30s, and put on the chrome mirror powder.
  • Apply another layer of base coat and cure it under the nail lamp.

base coat

B: Use chrome nail powder top coat

  • Use a liner brush to draw the petals you want, then put on a layer of matte top coat.
  • Use a dotting brush to take the chrome nail powder top coat and draw in the center of the flower, and the leaves. Cure it under your nail lamp 20s - 30s, and put on the chrome mirror powder.

chrome nail powder top coat

  • Apply another layer of base coat and cure it under the nail lamp.

base coat

3. Finish it with a top coat.

A natural ultra high-gloss top coat gives your manicure a fresh-out-of-the-salon finish while bringing the color to life.

natural ultra high-gloss top coat

Are you ready to try some yourself? If you’re interested in creating some of the new seasonal manicure shades from Spring/Summer 24 runaways, MelodySusie's macaron nail gel polish makes it easy. Just don’t forget to add a top coat once you’re done with your nail art.

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