The Best Acrylic Nail Brush You Must Have

The Best  Acrylic Nail Brush You Must Have

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It seems obvious that there is an increasing rise of attention on acrylic nails in 2022, which means that acrylic nails tend to be more and more popular among nail artists. Indeed, acrylic nails enable us to extend nails and feel like our natural nails, therefore, you have more space to create nail art compared to short nails. However, it is not an easy task to apply acrylic powder smoothly.

How can we get perfect acrylic nails? A high-quality nail brush can be very helpful.

1. 100% Kolinsky Hair to Apply the Acrylic Powder Smoothly

MelodySusie Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush would be a perfect choice for you. It is made of 100% pure kolinsky hair so that you can apply the acrylic powder smoothly. Because of the kolinsky hair that has strong powder grasping ability, it can make the liquid monomer and acrylic powder be mixed perfectly. Unlike other artificial brush hair that is more likely to be clumping and splitting, our Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush is super soft and qualified for long-term use as long as we always clean the brush thoroughly after use and never left the residue on the hair.

2. Rosewood and Acrylic Handles to Provide Longer Lasting, Easier and Smoother Sense of Use Than Regular Brushes

There are two types of handles of this nail brush. One of them is made of rosewood, which is a type of durable and comfortable material to provide longer lasting, easier and smoother sense of use than regular brushes. The more frequent the use, the smoother the effect. Besides, rosewood represents a classical and natural image of the brush.

The other handle is made of acrylic, it is lighter than the rosewood handle and totally environmentally friendly. The wavy shapes and crystal color make it look more fashionable and shining, and I believe you would love it.

The Metal ferrule fixes the hair firmly to prevent splitting and clumping, and it is not easy to corrode while easy to clean.

3. Various Sizes to Meet Different Manicure Needs and Suitable for Both Beginners and Professional Manicurists

Moreover, we provide various sizes (from size 6 to size 22) of nail brushes which can meet different manicure needs and suitable for both beginner and professional manicurists.

Here are some suggestions for the use of different sizes for your reference.

Size 6 & 8& 10, tend to be more suitable for beginners and those who have small nails, they enable you to do delicate work such as nail carved and 3D nail art.
Size 10 & 12, are the most popular sizes which are more efficient and shorten the time length of the acrylic powder application.
Size 14-22, are best for the widest part of nails and it only needs one dip of acrylic powder to cover a whole nail.

Actually, different sizes depend on personal preferences of manicurists, but you can definitely choose a suitable size from MelodySusie. Come on, pick your favourite nail brush and create marvelous nail art!

MelodySusie highly recommend you use the nail brush together with our 2 in 1 UV LED Nail Art Lamp, which is perfectly used for Gel Nail Extensions, Acrylic Nails as well as Carving Gel Nails. Don’t hesitate to click here to get discount for a Nail art lamp set.

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When it comes to acrylic nail brushes, the Kolinsky brush is the crème de la crème. You won’t find a better tool for shaping and sculpting beautiful nails with ease.



I had brought a acrylic set but I forgot to buy a brush. I used a brush for acrylic painting, but it didn’t work, it got all clumped up on the head of the brush. So I bought a kolinsky brush, I thought it was a bit pricey for a brush, but it worked wonders. It didn’t get all clumped up and put the acrylics on like in the nail salons. I was able to put the acrylics and nail polish afterwards very easily with no hassle. Definitely recommend this kind of brush for an acrylics set.



Powder grasping, oh so strong! Kolinsky brush is where you belong. Mix monomer and acrylic with ease, and get those flawless nails that will please!



Best advice I can give is: even during the acrylic application, you have to soak the brush in monomer, and squeeze all the liguid u can get out, out… Works best if you put the brush in-between you pointer finger and a hard surface and just squeeze every thing out. Do this same process after each use/fullest. Monomer is oily so it helps keep the brush from over drying so don’t rinse it with water and soap, instead use a decent brush cleaner and clean it every five sets.



If you are about to do acrylic nails, the kolinsky brush is necessary.

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