Unlock Beautiful Nails with Nail Drill PM220C: Your Ultimate Cordless Solution!

Unlock Beautiful Nails with Nail Drill PM220C: Your Ultimate Cordless Solution!

Are you still looking for a user-friendly and convenient nail drill that's cordless and easy to handle? Look no further than the Atena Nail Drill! We've conducted extensive research with more than 240 questionnaires to provide you with an objective overview of this incredible tool. Let us see how Atena can revolutionize your nail care routine.

1. Don’t worry if Atena Nail Drill is suitable for you

From the survey results, it can be seen that whether the beginners, intermediate level, or advanced level manicurists are all the purchase groups of Atena nail drill. The result showed most customers are at the beginner level, reaching 43.8%. If you are just starting to learn manicure, Atena nail drill could be the best choice to create your first beautiful nails!

As a speed-adjustable nail drill, Atena nail drill can help you complete every step of your manicure process. Don't worry if you are not clear about how to adjust the speed to meet different manicure needs. You can use the following charts as a speed-setting reference during the manicure process.


Between 0-15000 RPM, the nail technician can mainly do prep, smoothing, buffing, etc.

Between 15000-25000 RPM, the nail technician can mainly do shaping, removing, buffing, smoothing, etc.

Between 25000-30000 RPM, the nail technician mainly performs removing, engraving, shaping, etc.

2. More reasons for choosing Atena Nail Drill

Weight, Cordless, Vibration, and Heat dissipation are the most important factors that customers look for when purchasing a nail drill. Atena has a compact design that could meet all these needs.

Lightweight and Small Size. The handpiece is only 5.1 inches long and 2.2 ounces in weight, you can carry it anywhere you want.

Adjustable Speed & Direction. The speed will be shifted smoothly to minimize damage to your nails. Never need to worry about hurting yourself.

Low Heat & Low Vibration. You can rarely feel the vibration, which as one of our customers mentions “it’s like crazy quiet”.

Cordless. More than 4 hours lasts after full charging. Like the video we posted on our IG, you can do your nails even in the park or in your car!       


Furthermore, the following elements may also be the main attraction for you.

Price. Only $48.99 cost! Compared to the similar products from other brands, our prices are absolutely surprising.

Two directions. Easy to keep your hand steady. Never need to worry about how to use the non-dominant hand to do manicures for yourself.

Appearance. We provide a stylish look and three colors for you. You can choose from white, gold and purple.

3. Explore more outstanding MelodySusie nail drills

In the survey, some customers also answered other MelodySusie nail drills as their favorite products.

“My 2 in 1 Nail Lamp with Nail Drill, because the drill works well and has the lamp.”

Scarlet nail drill. It is small and cute, doesn’t take much space on the nail table.”

“My favorite nail drill is the sparkle plus rechargeable. I love that its silence and it doesn’t vibrate. The battery life last long I love how I can move around with it especially being a on the go nails. ”

“The Scamander. Been using it for a year and it hasn't done me wrong.”

If you would like to know more about these nail drills, don’t miss this blog. The E-File Integration in 2022: Powerful Brushless Motor Inside and Elegant Retro Design Outside.

Please don’t hesitate to comment below or email us at with your questions or feelings. Thank you all for your love and suggestions!

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I love this drill. I’m a licensed tech and rpm is fast enough for removal. I almost didn’t think it was rotating that fast because of the special body that keeps it from vibrating. I don’t think I’ll ever use another drill again. This is my second purchase from Melody Susie. I had a Scamander that lasted for 4 good years, which is why I wanted the Atena.



This is a great wireless drill. I really like how long the battery lasts. I don’t have to stop doing my nails to recharge. The three speeds work great for different types of nails. The pink color and design is also super cute. This is my third Melody Susie product & I have to say I’m impressed.



I have the Rose gold one and love mine. It works very good, stays charged well and charges fast. It’s great as a backup e-file or to use whenever you feel like it. I debated between the purple and rose gold (because the purple looks more pinkish than purple) when I ordered it and glad I decided on the rose gold one.



What’s the time of the next survey? I did this survey always happy to support.



The biggest advantage is that it is very light. And high quality look, unlike those CHEAP nail drills.

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