5 Trendy Summer Press-on Nails You Must Try in 2022

MelodySusie Summer Press On Nails

Press-on nails, as artificial nails, is the star of the nail industry. If you don't want to sweat on the way to the salon in the summer heat, but still want to have the most fashionable and beautiful nail this summer, press-on nails are the perfect choice for you. Here, let's see what press-on nails are popular in this year for us to choose from!

1. French manicure

French manicure are around timeless, using white nail polish to paint a smile-like arc on the front of the nail - thus the nail art term "smile line" was born. French nails are pretty and simple, and can match any outfit. The real traditional French nail is a matte pink base color, and then a white nail polish is applied to the front edge of the nail to create a white smile line with curves. These traditional French nail art from melodysusie are simple and gorgeous.


2. Rainbow Manicure

If you think one color on your nails is so bored and dull then why not try the rainbow manicure? Paint your nails with different bright colors, transparent textures, interspersed with star glitter, a temperamental nail style for all ages!

3. Party Manicure

Hosting or going to an interesting party can make your summer more colorful and entertaining. Do you want to be more attractive at any parties? Wearing these Party Animals press-on nails make you shine in the crowd! As you can see, 3 solid black nails and the animal pattern also pearls make your nails so special and wild.

4. Shining Manicure

Have you ever heard of shining manicure? The shining manicure is very special cause you can see different colors through different angles and lights. They are like shining paintings and you can enjoy the versatility of this nail art. There are many different nail manicure on the market, however this one is definitely unique. It is suitable for all ages and will make your nails sparkle in the summer sun.

5. Crystal Manicure

If you don't like too many colors or want the simplest nail style, this is the one for you. The base of the nail is a sheer pink color that fits your nails perfectly without extra gaudy colors, giving you the beauty of simplicity. This one is also suitable for different age groups. Besides getting yourself a trendy manicure, you can also buy it for your mom, sister, grandmother and friends.

These press-on nails are super comfortable, they look slim and natural, just like real nails and you can choose whatever style you like. The jelly glue has super-holding power and these Long False Nails are made of high-quality ABS material that does not break or fade, is non-toxic.   

Start with these trendy press-on nails to add a beautiful touch to summer and make your summer life hotter and sexier!

If you would like to know more about press-on nails, don’t miss this passage. The Best Press-on Nails to Get from MelodySusie.

We value every suggestion and don’t hesitate to comment below or email us with your questions or feelings.

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Crystal manicure is the ultimate glam look 💎



I can’t get enough of these press-on nails – they’re convenient and stylish!



Party manicure is amaziiing for those summer nights out 🎉



Crystal Manicure? Yes, please! This trendy and elegant nail art is a must-have for summer. Add some bling to your nails and feel like a true queen. You’ll be obsessed with this luxurious look, fabulous!



Rainbow Manicure? Sooo cool! Add a pop of color to your summer nails and brighten up your day. You’ll be feeling like a rainbow after trying this trendy nail art, yaaas!

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