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How to Start a Marvelous Summer Manicure at Home with a Vintage Nail Drill

How to Start a Marvelous Summer Manicure at Home with a Vintage Nail Drill

It’s becoming warmer, brighter and sweeter. Why not decorate your nails to express yourself? Today MelodySusie is going to share a gorgeous nail design that is perfect for Summer. It’s really fresh and eye-catching.

Let’s find out what we need together!

1. Professional Jade Plus Rechargeable Nail Drill 35,000RPM

Brushless Motor with 35,000RPM

You can easily remove gel polish by using Jade Plus because of the brushless motor, which not only has higher output power and longer lifespan, but also helps reduce operating time. Besides, you can enjoy an amazing manicure experience with lower vibration, lower heat as well as lower noise.

Lightweight and Portable

Jade Plus is one of the smallest rechargeable nail drills on the market, which only weight 380g in total so that you can take it everywhere easily.

Vintage and Unique appearance

This attractive appearance was inspired by early 18th-century antique grand architecture, and the Turquoise gem-like green color of the body, together with the golden luster of the royal castle can totally show the dignity and elegance. Besides, the specially designed rotate knob and F/R button are unique in the market as well.

We offered extra two premium drill bits in order to let you have a more efficient manicure experience, the high-quality drill bits enable you to remove and polish more easily.

However, please be cautious to use nail drill bits on natural nails, and we suggest using drill bits on acrylic nails or fake nails only, especially for beginners.

We also have guidance on how to safely remove gel nail polish by using a nail drill at Home.

Shall we get started for the color on process?

2. Neon Abyss 24+4 Gel Nail Polish Kit

What are the reasons that we choose the gel polish from MelodySusie?

MelodySusie gel polish is high-quality and suitable for both beginners and professionals. You will be impressed by its attractive features below:

Gorgeous Color and Multiple Choices

This gel nail kit has an incredible selection of colors to choose from and it includes the base and matte/glossy top coats. All of them are the trendy color in 2022, and we choose three colors of Neon Abyss to create this nail art. I believe you can create more fabulous nail design on different occasions by using the other colors.

Environmental-friendly and Harmless

The gel polish colors are made from non-toxic ingredients which makes it safe and harmless without any strong odor since there is no harsh ingredients or adhesives that lead to damaged nails. MelodySusie is a brand that specialized in nail tech products and gel polish for more than 10 years, you can definitely trust our gel polish.

Long-lasting Shades and High Gloss Wear

This series of gel nail polish set is long-lasting which is up to 3 weeks if you use base and top coat and treat your nails properly. Besides, it is suitable for being used on natural nails, acrylic nails, false nails and tips without any chips and dents. You can apply several layers of color smoothly and enjoy super glossy and shining nails for a couple of weeks. Moreover, the gel polish would be a good choice for both salon and at-home use because it meets the needs of professionals, beauty technicians, students, manicure enthusiasts and beginners.

Importantly, please don’t forget to use a professional nail lamp to cure your nails, gel nail polish will not dry naturally. In order to have the best curing effect, I highly recommend you to select a nail lamp from MelodySusie which has multiple choices for you, including LED lamp, UV lamp, and even Nail art lamp.

Now get ready to do your nails with MelodySusie, and use different colors to create your own nail art! If you want to know more about different nail art designs or trends, don’t hesitate to click the following links below:

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To comment below or to email us support@melodysusie.com with your questions or suggestions.

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