Let Press-on Nails Be With You Every Moment

Let Press-on Nails Be With You Every Moment

If you are obsessed with changing the style of nails, believed that you had met one problem. When you wanna change your outfit every day for different occasions, manicures are almost impossible to change with it. Maybe you're tired of the complicated steps of using gel polish and want to try something new. Actually, one product could perfectly solve this puzzle - Press-on Nails!

Why MelodySusie?

Instead of the traditional glue, we provide the jelly glue that pregnant women and children can both safely use. With minimal damage to your own nails, the press-on nails could firmly keep on your nail beds for more than TWO weeks. Moreover, the jelly glue could be removed easily which makes press-on nails could be reused.

Not only that, we provide various stylish press-on nails for you. Whatever you need to attend to any occasion or dress up in any style, you can find the most suitable press-on nails with MelodySusie.

Choose your press-on nails for the day

Independence Day

Get ready for the Independence Day fireworks? Spectacular colors spread out in the night sky like a rainbow. How dazzling would it be if you were wearing a rainbow on your nails at that time? Shimmery nail sequins on the Rainbow Acrylic Press-on Nails could make you shine more than fireworks!

Summer Hoilday

summer holiday

Look at these pink-blue gradient nails! What could be better than it to take on the summer holiday! The glossy top covered in veins of white looks like the sea and bench under sunshine. Imagine stepping on the soft sand, wearing a Boho-style hat with these press-on nails, just forgetting your all worries for a while. Don’t worry if the nails fall off after swimming, the sturdy jelly glue would allow you to enjoy the sea as you want.

Daily Fashion

Maybe you are finding a kind of press-on nails for work or study. The Crystal Acrylic Press-on Nails could be your answer. The simple and classic style can zhuzh up the texture of your daily fashion. Whether you need to wear a suit at work, or you just want to hang around and have a coffee, these nails are nice choices. Moreover, it looks transparent, BUT it would not reveal your own nail bed. Trust me, these little changes on your nails would increase your happiness.

Birthday Party

Try to wear these Clear Sky Acrylic Press-on Nails at your birthday party! The multi-color design and the macron-like color seem to exude a sweet taste. Put on your favorite dress and a cuteee birthday hat, it’s time to enjoy your important day with your family and friends!

Create your own press-on nails

In addition, the buy3 get 35% off event could help you complete your own unique fashion requirements. Mix and Create your own press-on nails now! Don't worry about the sizes, we provide 24 different sizes in each box, which is enough to let you get the most out of your creativity. If you have great ideas, please don't hesitate to tell us!

Also, if you haven’t yet known how to use the press-on nails, click here to get detailed text and video instructions, which would teach you step by step. Or if you want to know more about press-on nails’ fashion, we have collected 5 trendy press-on nails you must try in 2022.
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I used to have a lot of trouble with my real nails, but these are so easy to apply and take off. They stay on well in the water, but if they do fall off, you can just reapply them. It’s so convenient!



“I’m a nurse and I love press-on nails. They’re so much easier to put on than regular nail polish and they’re less likely to chip if you’re doing some heavy lifting.

I think it’s also important to note that these are not actual nails, so you don’t have to worry about them getting caught in anything or breaking off, which could be dangerous for you or your patients."



I love the Summer Hoilday, they look fabulous.



I have these nails and they are very sturdy. They stay on through swimming and even showering, but they do come off if you’re too rough with them. I’ve been using them for years and haven’t had any problems with them falling off, so I’d say they’re a good investment!



I have been using press-on nails for a while, and I have found that the best way to keep them on firmly is to use a layer of clear nail polish over the top. This helps keep the glue from coming off and sticking to your fingers, which makes it much easier to take them off.

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