Do Your Spring Nails at Home

Do Your Spring Nails at Home

Spring is coming, the spring blossoms and this beauty will come gently and warmly as promised. Would you like to dress yourself up to welcome this increasingly colorful season? Why not start with nail art?

Looking at these flower-patterned manicures, the macaron color symbolizes the vitality of spring, and the flowers make the solid color more trendy and less monotonous, and it is never out of date with French style or rhinestones.

spring nails
Image source: @nailog_official/@bysadiedaisy /@tiffanyabbigailebeauty/@innovanails /Instagram

Actually, the manicures shared by those manicurists are not that difficult, each of us can be a manicurist at home. Fortunately, today MelodySusie is going to help you realize this idea and let the scene of spring show on your nails. Let's take a look at how to do this manicure with floral graffiti and colored rhinestones!

1. Remove nail gel

remove gel polish

To make a new manicure, we need to remove the gel polish from the surface of the previous manicure. MelodySusie's Scarlet nail drill is perfect for beginners and can easily remove the gel polish.

In this sensitive season of spring, we need to pay special attention to the dust problem during nail removal. MelodySusie's nail dust collector can effectively solve your dust troubles and give you a dust-free nail removal environment.

2. Shape
After cleaning the nail polish on the nail surface, we need to clean up the dead skin on the finger nails, using the corresponding nail drill bit to clean up the dead skin.

And then you can shape your nail and polish the surface of the nail with a nail down, and then you can make a new manicure.

3. How to make spring show on your nails

Step1: Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure the UV/LED nail lamp for 60 seconds.

Step2: Apply one or two layers of gel polish and cure the UV/LED nail lamp for 60 seconds. Here we highly recommend our Hot-Sale Gel Polish 72 Colors Set so that you can pick a color that could show spring on your nails.

color on

Step3: Paint flowers on your nails, the flower patterns collide with the solid color could make it less monotonous.


Step4: Stick sparkling rhinestones to your nails to make them trendy and eyes-catching.

Step5: Apply a layer of top coat and cure the UV/LED nail lamp for 60 seconds. If you feel dazzled by lots of choices, don’t worry, here is a manicure kit for you which can not only save your time, but also your costs.


Wow, you have got your nails done by yourself, don’t hesitate to show and “brag” to your friends. Don’t you realize that the little flowers blooming on your nails are the signal of spring?

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These flower-patterned manicures are truly stunning! I love how the macaron colors and floral designs perfectly capture the essence of spring. And the addition of French style or rhinestones really adds a touch of elegance. Thanks for sharing these amazing nail art ideas for the season!



I never thought I could do my own nails, but this article makes it look easy! Can’t wait to try it out.



Sooo pretty! I love the floral patterns and pastel colors.



Omg those flower nails are sooo cute! Perfect for spring vibes!



The macaron colors and intricate floral designs are simply breathtaking. And I love how the addition of French style or rhinestones really takes the look to the next level.

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