Full Guide to Nail Dust Collector

Full Guide to Nail Dust Collector

What is a must-have tool for manicurists?
What is the most worthy investment for a nail salon?
You may have many different answers, but should never miss this one – nail dust collector.

nail dust collector(Source: Nail Career Education)

A nail dust collector may not help you directly in finishing an excellent nail art work, but it is definitely necessary for providing you with a dust-free
environment, which is both good for you and client’s health.

Correct me if I am not right describing the fact:

As a nail salon owner, you always want to be professional and give the clients the best experience, not just the amazing manicure itself. 

As a beginner, you love the fun of nail art, except that you hate spending so much time cleaning the work station every time after the e-filing…

You all have come to this stage that a magical tool is essential-a nail dust vacuum.

And now the question is –
What should you consider when looking for the best nail dust extractor/collector? Here are some suggestions.

5 Basic Features

1. Powerful
As the name goes, nail dust collector should be powerful enough to collect most of the dusts. Hence the strong ventilation power is the first concern for keeping your workstation dust-free. When the machine is on, the high rotational speed can quickly suck up the dusts and fine particles.

2. Quiet
Equipped with a powerful motor, it can easily be very noisy. Yet a good nail dust collector could perform well with low-noise and thus maintain a relaxing salon/home atmosphere.

3. Adjustable suction
Not all manicure process requires powerful extraction. An ideal nail device should always be customizable. If the fan on the nail dust suction collector has adjustable speed, then it is definitely a plus.

4. Compact and Portable
For artists, we don’t prefer bulky and heavy tools for our work, being compact and portable is always important especially for such nail necessity.

5. Easy installation and operation.
Artist are meant to be creating art work but not being stuck in complicated user manual. Easy operation will save you tons of time and energy.

3 Customized Benefits

1. Design 
Ergonomic design would make it comfortable for the clients’ hands to lay on and for technicians to do their work.

2. Versatile
Generally, a nail dust vacuum can meet all regular use for removing, shaping, and filing natural, gel, and acrylic nails. Meanwhile, there are many devices on the market now are multi-functional, some are combined with a nail drill and some even equipped with a LED light.

For the following conditions, the 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 dust collectors are recommended:

 Your table is not big enough for all these tools and want to save some space
 You are also looking for a E-file and a nail lamp
 You want a good deal for buying this together

3. Reusable filter
Normally the filter needs to be changed for every 3-4 months, and the reusable filters are no doubt more convenient, environmental-friendly and cost-effective than the single-use ones.

Based on your need and preference, there are many choices on the market.
And if you’re looking for a professional nail dust collector with most of the advantages listed above with an affordable price, you may like to check this from MelodySusie.

Don’t forget to use code “MSNDC” to enjoy 15% off at checkout!

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