The Full Guide to Nail Drill Bits I Material, Processing Technique and Shape

The Full Guide to Nail Drill Bits I Material, Processing Technique and Shape

Nail drill bits are the most useful tools for any nail technicians, and they are also one of the most frequently used tools. However, there are so many kinds of nail drill bits on the market, with different materials, shapes, coarseness of grits and prices. It is believed that it is a difficult problem for most manicurists, especially beginners, to distinguish the quality and choose the right nail drill bits. Therefore, we conducted in-depth research on nail drill bits (material, processing technique and shape) and summarized some key points, hoping to have a certain reference significance for nail technicians to choose nail drill bits in the future.

1. Grades and Distinctions of Tungsten Carbide

Type and ordering of Tungsten steel (from low to high): YG8 YG7 YG6 YG6A YG6X

  • Different uses

YG6 is suitable for light-load roughing of cast iron, non-ferrous metals, heat-resistant alloys, and titanium alloys

YG6A (Cemented Carbide) is suitable for semi-finishing and light-load roughing of cast iron, non-ferrous metals, heat-resistant alloys, and titanium alloys. YG6A has better red hardness and is more suitable for applications with high cutting temperatures.

YG6X is suitable for finishing of cast iron, non-ferrous metals, heat-resistant alloys and titanium alloys.

  • Different forms

YG6 is the medium grain tungsten cobalt alloy.

YG6A (tungsten carbide) is the tungsten cobalt tantalum alloy.

YG6X is fine grained.

  • Different ingredients

YG6 is an alloy with 6% cobalt content.

YG6A (tungsten carbide) is 6% cobalt content with a small amount of TaC alloy.

YG6X is an alloy with 6% cobalt content, but the WC used is uniform and fine in grain size, and its performance is higher than that of YG6/YG6A.

Because of this, the hardness and strength of YG6X are higher than others, it is more resistant to high temperature and wear resistance, and has strong bending resistance. It is the best raw material for nail art tungsten steel. Most low-cost nail drill bits use YG6 or even YG7 tungsten steel raw materials. In addition, some low-quality nail drill bits use waste tungsten steel powder to be re-pressed into tungsten steel rods as raw materials, which contain more impurities, which have a negative impact on the hardness, strength and resistance of the produced nail drill bits.

MelodySusie high-quality single-packed Tungsten Carbide Professional 5 in 1 Nail Drill Bit is made of the highest quality raw material YG6X, so it will have a better use experience. Although its price will be a little bit more expensive than the set-packed nail drill bits, the feeling and durability during use will be quite different.

2. About Nail Drill Bit Grits

The sharpness and uniformity of the nail drill bit grits have a key influence on the quality of the nail drill bits, because nail drill bits rely on the grits to complete its work. The sharper and more uniform, the better.

The grits of MelodySusie nail drill bits are processed by ultra-fine processing, which is sharper; the special process integrated molding can ensure the grits are uniform. Low-quality nail drill bits are more prone to grits of different sizes, or even missing grits, which not only affects the using effect, but also the product life is relatively short.

3. About Nail Drill Bit Shank

MelodySusie nail drill bit shank: YG6X material, chamfered to prevent damage of the nail drill machine; the head and shank are connected by the plug-in welding method, so that the overall bending strength is higher than that of the traditional flat welding method, and can withstand the pressure of about 45kg.

Low-quality nail drill bit shank: Stainless steel material, it will damage the nail drill machine without chamfering treatment; using flat welding method, the overall bending strength is relatively poor, unable to withstand strong pressure.

4. About Nail Drill Bit Shape

In addition to different materials, there are many shapes of nail drill bits. The common ones are as follows:

  • Barrel/Cylinder Bit: Great for doing surface work on the nail. You can also use the barrel bits for backfill cutting, shortening, and shaping the nail, and to make a smile line.
  • UNC/Needle Bit: Under the nail cleaning bit. The UNC bit is commonly used not only for under the nail cleaning but also for sidewalls. It can also be used for making designer holes in the nails.
  • Ball Top Shape: The ball-shaped bit is used for hard skin & cleaning up the Eponychium (the hard skin above the nail plate) or removing loose cuticle been lifted from the nail plate.
  • Cone Bit: It can be used for several purposes, such as preparing the cuticle area and sidewalls and cleaning under the nail. It is a great shape for toenail surface work.
  • Safety Bits: These are actually cuticle safety bits and are designed for safe cuticle work. They are great for in-fill cuticle work.
  • Flame Bit: The Flame bit is great for removing hangnails. Used to create a lip of dead cuticle in order to better remove dead skin. Removes any excess dust and skin around the nail plate and can also be used to clean and perfect after product application.
  • Mandrel Bit: You can work with the mandrel bit only after slipping it into the sanding band. The sanding band is made of paper and needs to be replaced after you work on a client.

These kind of nail drill bits generally have only one thickness of grits, which can complete a specific nail work; once other nail work is required, the nail drill bit needs to be replaced. Therefore, in order to match different polishing scenarios, a manicurist needs to be equipped with multiple nail drill bits and keep changing them during work. That is to say, not only does it need to invest money to buy nail drill bits, but it also increases the complexity of the work.

MelodySusie Tungsten Carbide Professional 5 in 1 Nail Drill Bit, as the name suggests, is a multi-functional drill bit that combines five functions and uses in one. It has different coarseness of grits from top to bottom. One nail drill bit can be used for multiple purposes, and can be applied to the following nail work: clean the cuticle area, prepare the nail bed, shape and shorten the nail, smooth and remove on the surface, and clean under the nail, which basically covers a variety of uses in the nail art process.

MelodySusie Tungsten Carbide Professional 5 in 1 Nail Drill Bit is made of the best YG6X Tungsten Carbide material. It has integrated grit molding process, sharp and has a long service life. Plug-in welded chamfered shank and high concentricity make it wear-resistant, durable and more comfortable to use. The Coarseness on the drill surface changes from top to bottom: top is for cutting dead skin, 2nd part is Double Fine, 3rd part is Extra Fine, and the bottom base is Fine grit. Unique two-way-rotation design makes it cut smoothly in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions for both two hands. Suitable for Left-handed or Right-handed use, smoothly filing or carving for flawless results.


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