Why You Need to Sanitize Your Nail Bits During COVID-19

Why You Need to Sanitize Your Nail Bits During COVID-19

1. Why do You Need to Sanitize Your Nail Bits

During the pandemic, we’ve all become used to always having a bottle of hand sanitizer at the ready. While hygiene has always been an important aspect of any manicure, it’s even more essential during COVID-19. We’re telling you the reasons why it’s important to disinfect and sanitize your nail kit and the helpful products you want to have on standby. 

When you think of how many nail bits are involved with a manicure, the idea of cleaning it all can be daunting. As your nail bits are coming into direct contact with your clients, you need to be taking proper steps to clean and sanitize your manicure equipment. During COVID-19, everyone is more concerned than ever about proper hygiene, especially for close-contact services like manicures. If you’re giving yourself an at-home manicure, the same rule applies – especially during Covid-19!


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2. What is a UV Sanitizer Box?

A UV light sanitizer will be your new BFF. You can use it to sanitize your nail bits or high-touch items like your phone or keys. These little boxes are a handy piece of kit to have in your salon or home. It kills the bacteria and germs on your items that you can’t see.

3. How does UV Light Disinfect?

The UV-C light kills 99.9% of harmful pathogens within 6 minutes – long enough for you to grab your caffeine fix while you wait! This process sterilizes your nail bits and means you can use them again right away. You can take the sanitizer box with you on the go to visit clients or move it around your salon.

If you’re doing your nails at home, you can use anything small and compact that you own. It’s an invaluable tool to have during Covid-19. It’s rechargeable and the perfect size to slip into your nail kit.


4. How to Clean Nail Bits with a UV Sanitizer Box 

Everyone loves to use nail drills bits to help buff the nails and remove gel or dead skin. These tools are what you want to be cleaning the most frequently as they come into direct contact with your client’s skin. After each use, you should be sanitizing your nail drill bits using a UV light sanitizer box or a deep-cleaning method. It’s never been more important than now to stay on top of your cleaning routine.


You want to start by removing the acrylic dust and product build-up on the grits of the nail bits. Keeping your nail bits clean will also maintain their sharpness. You can wash them with mild soap and water using a brush. If you have the time, you can leave them in an acetone solution for five to ten minutes. Acetone will act as a cleaner to get rid of any dirt and helps the disinfectant work more effectively.

You can use a liquid disinfectant to sanitize your equipment, leaving it in the solution for another five minutes. Using a UV light sanitizer box can speed up this process, as you can skip the liquid disinfectant and avoid any unfortunate mishaps. It’s also a great opportunity to add your smartphone into the sanitizer box for a deep-clean.


You can use this process to clean your manicure kit, including cuticle pushers and nail clippers. And other stuffs like smartphone and keys. If you can, it’s best to leave your nail bits in your UV light sanitizer box until you’re ready to use them again. During the pandemic, you can utilise this sanitizer box to help disinfect anything you’ve been using throughout the day.


Whether you’re doing your own nails or working on a client, you want to dispose of single-use nail tools right away. Don’t forget to dispose of the sanding band that slips over your drill bits after every use. You should keep a bin nearby to dispose of nail files or sanding bands.


5. Storing Your Nail Bits in a UV Sanitizer Box

You want to make sure you’re storing your nail bits correctly after sanitizing and cleaning them. You want to keep your freshly sanitized nail bits away from anything you haven’t had a chance to clean yet. Your used nail bits or other pieces of kit should be kept in a sanitizer box away from your clean items. Avoid using zip-lock bags or airtight containers as these are a breeding ground for bacteria.


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