How to Simplify Your Nail Work with Revolutionary 5-in-1 Nail Drill Bit

How to Simplify Your Nail Work with Revolutionary 5-in-1 Nail Drill Bit

Nail technicians spend a lot of time removing gel enhancement or acrylics. An important tool to make that process faster and easier is an electric nail drill equipped with a variety of drill bits.  And if that file had five bits, in different materials, sizes, shapes, and grits, then you're saving not just time, but energy, too. 

Four Nail Bits and Their Uses in Nail Services

1. Cuticle Cleaner Safety Bit

Cuticle cleaner bits are perfect and safe for cleaning and preparing cuticle areas, as it can avoid lifting on nail beds even when used in a hurry or in the peak working time. It prepares the cuticle area without damaging the client's nails, so acrylic, gel or dip powder will last longer. 

2. Under the Nail Cleaning(UNC)/Needle Bit

The UNC bit is under the nail cleaning bit. The shape of the UNC bit is pointed and small and this particular shape helps the bit to get in tight spaces. The UNC bit is commonly used not only for under the nail cleaning but also for sidewalls. Some nail technicians also use this bit for making designer holes in the nails.

3. Barrel/Cylinder bit

The barrel bits are great for doing surface work on the nail. You can also use the barrel bits for backfill cutting, shortening, and shaping the nail, and to make a smile line. But make sure you don’t use this bit in the cuticle area.

4. Mandrel Bit

The mandrel bit is commonly made of rubber or metal. You can only use it after slipping it into the sanding band. This nail bit helps shape the nail and do surface work very well, but remember don’t use it too long on your clients’ nails because sanding bands tend to heat very quickly while using.

Why you need 5-in-1 nail drill bits

The name of the bit is pretty explanatory for the use of it. MelodySusie Tungsten Carbide Professional 5 in 1 Nail Drill Bit is multi-use, which means one bit can meet almost all the grinding scenes in manicure work. Without changing the nail drill bit back and forth, this bit can simplify nail work and greatly improve work efficiency.

1. It has three coarseness of grits and five functions.

The Coarseness on the drill surface changes from top to bottom: top is for cutting dead skin, 2nd part is Double Fine, 3rd part is Extra Fine, and the bottom base is Fine grit. All-in-one nail drill bit allows you for a multi-purpose nail file.

It has 5 different functions that can be used to clean the cuticle area, prepare the nail bed, shape and shorten the nail, smooth and remove on the surface, and clean under the nail.

2. Seven sizes to choose from, to meet various use habits.

MelodySusie 5-in-1 nail drill bits are designed with 7 different sizes/grits: Triple coarse – 3XC, Double coarse – 2XC, Extra coarse – XC, Coarse – C, Medium – M, Fine – F, Extra Fine – XF. Each one has 3 coarseness of grits. So you can choose the appropriate coarseness of grits according to your own working habits.

3. It has two rotate directions.

Designed to cut smoothly in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions for both two hands. Works for both left and right hand, you can choose the direction in a different situation. It needs that a nail drill that has a forward and reverses function.

4. It fits well with most nail drill.

Universal 3/32" (2.35mm) stainless steel shank perfectly suits most professional electric nail drills on the market. These bits for nail drill machines are the best gift for beginners to start their journey, also it is a helpful partner for professionals to make manicures and pedicures.

5. Professional nail drill bit with high-quality materials.

Made of the hardest carbide tungsten material, the bits are hard-wearing, sharp, durable, and also crafted with delicate. Fast to remove acrylic nails, dip powder, polygel, and hard gel nails.

Make sure to use nail dust collector during nail work

Doing nail works, especially needing to use nail drill and bits, means a lot of dust will be generated. Dust must be one of the biggest headaches for every manicurist. Not only do they make a mess on your working table, but they're very difficult to clean up. More important, inhaling large amounts of dust over a long period of time can be hazardous to your health. Using MelodySusie nail dust collector in the process of nail work will greatly reduce the workload of cleaning after nail work. It will dramatically improve work efficiency. At the same time, it can prevent the inhalation of dust from harming the health of manicurists and customers.

Tips you need to remember to use nail drill bits


1. Consider the type of area you are working on.

2. Focus and watch.

3. Practice.

4. Sanitize your bits in between each use (MelodySusie UV Light Sanitizer Box will be a good help to you, as it has 99.99% disinfection rate and very convenient to use).


1. Don’t rest the bit on the nail.

2. Don’t use pressure.

3. Don’t do cuticle prep more than once bi-weekly.


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