The Easy-to-Follow Guide to Choose Right Nail Drill Bits for You

The Easy-to-Follow Guide to Choose Right Nail Drill Bits for You
It seems obvious that nail drills can make manicure work more efficient and convenient in terms of polishing, removing, and shaping. And high-quality nail drill bits have become an indispensable element for a good nail drill. However, most beginners tend to be confused about how to choose a suitable drill bit since they are in various materials, shapes, sizes, and grits, while each of them has different uses and purposes to meet different manicure needs.
Therefore, MelodySusie prepares the easy-to-follow guidance for you on how to select proper drill bits.

1.Choosing Nail Drill Bits by Material

The materials of a drill bit play an important role in its performance. Here we mainly talk about three kinds of materials.

Mandrel Bits & Sanding Bands

Mandrel bits are normally made of metal or rubber in a cylinder shape so sanding bands can easily slip onto the mandrel tip. Sanding bands are not reusable; therefore, you cannot disinfect them. Sanding bands come in larger varieties because it is one sanding band per customer type of product. Sanding bands come in fine, medium and coarse grits to use for surface work, removing gels and pedicures.

Ceramic Bits

a. Higher Heat Dissipation

Unlike other materials, ceramic is less likely to heat up during the sharpening and grinding process even for a long-time use of nail drills. Besides, the ceramic material is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant, which means that they are more durable than normal bits, and they can be washed by water simply because they have smooth surfaces. If you are sensitive to the metal sound, ceramic bits are your best choice.

b. Sharper and Easier to Use

Ceramic bits have flute-like cuts to indicate the grit level of each bit, which meets different needs of manicure work such as scraping off the acrylic gel easily. This nail bits set includes 7 different bits- one coarse ceramic bit, two fine-grit ceramic bits, and three medium-sized ceramic bits, which could meet all your needs.

Attention! The ceramic material is sharp and we would recommend professionals to choose it.

Tungsten Bits

a. Harder and Stronger

Tungsten drill bits are also known as tungsten carbide drill bits. This material is one of the hardest metals, making them suitable for a variety of manicure purposes. The hardness value is 1600HV, steel is only one-tenth of that value. Therefore, they are built to last and are super durable, and the powerful cutting ability makes your manicure work easier and saves your valuable time. Besides, they come out on top when it comes to scratch-resistant metal. With so much durability, proper care can keep your tungsten drills in top condition for a long time. You can find more details about how to store your drill bits below.

b. Higher Precision

A unique feature of tungsten carbide drills is the precision. It will help to do an outstanding craftsmanship and well-tested design, and will help protect your skin from being harmed.

2. Choosing Nail Drill Bits by Type

Individual Nail Drill Bit 

If you are not looking for a salon manicure, a single bit can meet your daily manicure needs. Especially our revolutionary 5-in-1 nail drill provides multiple functions to simplify your nail work.
Plus, your choice is more flexible because you can mix and match different materials, sizes, and shapes of bits that you prefer.

Nail Drill Bits Set

We would recommend beginners to choose a nail drill bit set, as it’s professional and can totally meet different manicure needs no matter for at-home use or salon use. More importantly, you don’t need to spend so much time selecting various sizes or shapes, a whole set is ready for you. Sometimes the price of a bit set is more affordable than mixing single bits.

3. Choosing Nail Drill Bits by Shape

Nail drill bits come in various shapes and sizes and each shape does different things. We have selected several of the most commonly used bit shapes for you to help you choose more easily.

a. Barrel/Cylinder Bit

The barrel bits are great for doing surface work on the nail. You can also use the barrel bits for backfill cutting, shortening, and shaping the nail, and to make a smile line. But make sure you don’t use this bit in the cuticle area. It’s very sharp and could be damaging to your nails.

b. Cone Bit

The cone-shaped bit, not only can be used for the cuticle area, sidewalls, and cleaning under the nail, but also used for the toenail surface work. Attention! It’s probably best to skip shaping the fingernails with this bit.

c. (UNC)/Needle Bit

The name of the bit is pretty explanatory for its use. UNC stands for under the nail cleaning. The shape of the UNC bit is pointed and small, which is helpful to get into tight spaces, such as under the nail and side walls. Some nail technicians even use it to create holes for some particular designs.

d. Ball Top Shape Bit

The ball-shaped bit is used for hard skin and can be cleaning up the hard skin above the nail plate or removing loose cuticles lifted from the nail plate. Since its shape is not sharp, it is not easy to hurt during use. But at the same time, its function is more limited.

e. Safety Bit

The safety bits are designed for safe cuticle work because they are rounded at the top and come in a great variety of shapes. With these bits, you can easily reach the cuticle and sidewalls without damaging the nail. They are great for in-fill cuticle work.

Believed that after reading this article, you have already known how to choose the right nail drill bits for yourself! Since the nail drill bits we recommend are high-quality and expensive, proper maintenance metthods could help you not waste money and use them longer.

4. How to Clean and Storage Your Drill Bits

Correct clean and storage methods could make nail drill bits more durable. Especially for salon use, proper cleaning and sanitation can not only protect your drill bits but also prevent transferring infections from one customer to another.

Here are some of the most practical but very simple cleaning tips for you.

a. Cleaning

Please soak the bits in a bowl of soapy warm water and scrub your tools with a brush bit until it is free from dirt and debris after each use.

b. Disinfecting

You can either put your drill bits in a liquid disinfectant or put them into our Nail Tool UV Light Sanitizer Box. The UV-C light that's known to penetrate and destroy 99.9% of harmful material, which helps you to kill bacteria on your nail drill bits and fake nail slices.

c. Storing

Put it in a holder to keep it organized and beautifully showcased.

5. Making Your Own Choice

Hope you have a general idea of what you need. Before you purchase, we suggest you do some research by reading some more related articles, and ask your friends or some salon experts to find the best sets for your needs.

No matter which type of drill bit you choose, always make sure that you read the instructions carefully before use!

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