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Step-by-Step Tutorial for Perfect Spring Nail Art and Trending Spring Nail Designs 2023

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Perfect Spring Nail Art and Trending Spring Nail Designs 2023

As spring arrives, it brings with it a noticeable shift in nail art trends, with people experimenting with more vibrant and playful colors. It's almost as if the world is waking up from a long hibernation. MelodySusie today has put together a detailed guide for creating the perfect spring manicure with tips and steps for achieving a beautiful smudge manicure.

This article also features a section on the hottest 2023 spring nail art trends that you'll love!

Spring Nail Art Tutorial

What do you need?

- Nail Drill

- Nail Tips

- Acrylic Powder & Liquid & Brush

- UV/LED Nail Lamp

- Nail Gel Polish

- Nail Brush/ Airbrush

- Rhinestones

Necessary Steps

1. Remove the Old Nail Art

The first step is to remove your old nail art using a safe and smooth nail drill. MelodySusie recommends the Jade rechargeable nail drill, which is perfect for beginners and salon owners alike due to its small size and lightweight handle.

2. Glue the Nail Tips

Next, glue on your nail tips. Making sure to press your nail tightly in a non-enclosed space to avoid air bubbles. Choosing a UV/LED nail art lamp that can be adjusted at will would make this step easier.

3. Apply the Acrylic Powder

To make your nail tips last longer, apply acrylic powder reinforcement using a kolinsky brush is essential. For beginners, it's recommended to use a small size brush to make practice easier. MelodySusie also provides some kolinsky brush cleaning tutorials to help you out.

4. Create the Smudge Effect

Now it's time to create the smudge effect. Use a brush, such as the brush that comes with the nail gel polish, to blend the color and create a more natural-looking finish.

We also recommend using a nail airbrush, as it can significantly reduce your smudging time.

5. Glue the Rhinestone

You can use the UV gel or nail glue to glue your decorations. Both of them are useful. Also, don't forget to use the UV/LED lamp.

6. Apply the Top Coat

The top coat is just as important as the roof of a house, and it determines how long and securely your manicure will last.

Finally we done!

2023 Spring Nail Art Inspiration

We've searched for the trendiest spring manicures and the most popular nail styles on social media. It's noteworthy that the color palette for spring nail art is quite diverse, but one can notice that the most common colors used are pink and green, reflecting the beauty of blooming flowers and lush trees.

IG @anouskaanastasia3

IG @anouskaanastasia

IG @amberjhnails

IG @anouskaanastasia

IG @amyguynailartist

IG @anouskaanastasia

IG @gelsbybry

IG @staceymachin

IG @joelyoceannails


In addition to this article, we've posted blogs about nail art tips that can help you reduce mistakes in your manicure practices and enjoy the process of a manicure more. We welcome you to share and discuss your thoughts in our comments.

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The UV/LED nail lamp is so special.



I love experimenting with new nail art trends, and this article has me excited for spring!



Rhinestones are the perfect finishing touch to any manicure. Love how they can add a pop of sparkle! ✨



The spring nail art inspiration section has me feeling inspired to try out some new colors and designs.



The nail art inspiration is gorgerous. They look so pretty.

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