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The Complete Nail Care Routine to Maintain Healthy and Gorgeous Nails for Your Next Manicure

The Complete Nail Care Routine to Maintain Healthy and Gorgeous Nails for Your Next Manicure

Ladies, it's time to take care of your nails!

Manicure nail care is just as important as skin care, as it helps protect against infections and enhances the appearance of your nails, making them healthier, stronger, and shinier. Recent research from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has raised awareness among manicure enthusiasts about the importance of proper nail care. Here are some important guidelines to help you achieve the healthiest nails possible.

1. Prepare Your Nails

1.1 Start by making sure your nails are clean and dry. Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly to prevent bacteria and fungal growth. Clean under your nails with a brush to remove dirt and debris.

1.2 Trim your nails with a good quality nail clipper. Cut straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve.

1.3 Shape your nails with a nail file. File your nails to a shape you desire, whether it's round, pointed, square, almond, or oval - it's your choice.

1.4 Moisturize your nails and cuticles using a nourishing cuticle cream or oil, and a hand cream.

1.5 Apply sunscreen cream to protect your nails and skin from UV damage.

If you have old nail polish on your fingers in, we also have a series of tips for removing acrylic nails at home.

2. Do a Proper Manicure

2.1 Choose a gentle, HEMA-free gel that is safe and non-toxic.

2.2 Apply a base coat and top coat to help the polish last longer.

Without a base coat, your gel nail simply won’t adhere to your nail bed. So be sure to apply the gel evenly to all of your fingernails. Applying the top coat ensures that the cover you're about to apply protects all the work you've done on your nails.

2.3 Apply gel polish carefully. Gently apply a thin layer of gel polish without accidentally touching your cuticles. Be sure to apply the gel evenly to all of your fingernails.

2.4 Wear UV-Shield LYCRA  gloves when curing your gels with a LED/UV nail lamp

It is recommended that each layer of gel including base coat and top coat be cured for 30 seconds, as 30 seconds is a typical curing time. Wearing manicure gloves before curing the gel is also a must.

The Dr Marchbein advises "If you go out more often, apply sunscreen and wear gloves,". She recommends a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30, but advises choosing an SPF of 50 or higher because you'll be applying a smaller amount to your hands and fingers; just be sure to reapply after soaking your nails or washing your hands.

Dr. Marchbein and Dr. Campbell also recommend wearing UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) manicure gloves to protect the skin during gel manicures. However, because the gloves are fingerless, you'll want to make sure your nail beds are adequately covered with SPF, which is why we mentioned applying sunscreen during prep.

3. Moisturize after Your Manicure.

- Use a nourishing cuticle cream or oil to hydrate your cuticles.

- Apply a hand cream to moisturize your nails and hands.

This will help keep your skin healthy and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

By following these guidelines, you'll be on your way to achieving healthier, stronger, and shinier nails!

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I love experimenting with different nail colors and designs, but I know I need to take better care of my nails to keep them looking healthy. Following a complete nail care routine is a small but important step in achieving the perfect manicure.



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It’s important for individuals to recognize the significance of proper nail care, and this article offers valuable tips to help achieve strong, shiny nails.



These nail care tips are so cute and practical!💅 I love how the cartoon images make it easy to follow along with each step.😍



I never realized how important it was to take care of my nails until I read this blog.🤔

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