Speed Vs Torque - How to Pick Your Best e-File/ Electric Nail Drill?

Speed Vs Torque - How to Pick Your Best e-File/ Electric Nail Drill?

When choosing a nail drill, most people will pay more attention to speed. However, have you noticed that when you're using a nail drill, even at a speed as high as 35,000 RPM, the drill bit stops when it touches the surface of your nails? Especially when you want to file or cut harder surfaces like acrylic nails. No matter how much more speed you add, it still will not work!

This could REALLY make you PANIC! Because you need to put tremendous pressure on your nail drill pen for a long time every day to drill your nails which will cause pain in your hands and nails. Even so, after all this hard work, you still might not get the ideal nail art you want.

For this situation, we consider that this machine has low or insufficient torque.

So, what is the torque?

Torque is the rotational equivalent of linear force. It represents the capability of a force to produce a change in the rotational motion of the body. Just as a force causes an object to accelerate in linear kinematics, torque causes an object to acquire angular acceleration. is the calculation unit of Torque.

A newton centimeter (N·cm) is a decimal fraction of a newton meter, which is a derived SI unit of torque (also called “moment” or “moment of force”). One newton meter is equal to the torque resulting from a force of one newton applied perpendicularly to a one-meter-long moment arm.

Simply put, it gauges the force needed to spin or twist an object. The higher, the more efficient. Likewise, higher torque also means that the machine will run more stably.

So, when the torque (low is too small, no matter how high the speed is, the machine cannot run smoothly.

That is, torque is a rotational force and is generated by the motor in the handpiece.

In other words, the torque is the power of the nail drill machine. Without this, it doesn't matter how high your RPM is, nail drill will stop or skip. If this occurs, it indicates low torque. Usually the higher the torque, the more efficient the drill is.

We also need to know about RPM.

The speed that people often refer to is measured in RPM. Compared with torque, people are more familiar with RPM, and we can't talk about torque without talking about RPM.

RPM stands for rotations or revolutions per minute. Typically the higher the RPM the better the drill takes off the nail.

For natural nails, an RPM level of around 7,000 to 15,000 should be sufficient. However, for hard gels or acrylic nails, you should look for a machine with an RPM capacity of 25,000 to 35,000.

In addition to RPM, you must also consider rotational power or torque. With the right torque and RPM you should find your nail treatments faster and more comfortable for both you and your clients.

Why You Should Choose MelodySusie?

After investigating and buying back a large number of products on the market, we concluded that the average torque on the market is 1.9 However, we can proudly say that MelodySusie nail drills can reach about 4.5, and the new pedicure nail drill we launched this year can even reach 20 We have mentioned the, which is the calculation unit of Torque. The higher, the more efficient.

If we only use data to express, you may not have a direct experience of using it. So, we have also photographed some differences in the actual use process.


When we turned the machines to 35,000 RPM and tried to cut the acrylic nails.


When we turned the machines to 28,000 RPM and tried to remove the acrylic nails.


When we turned the machines to 15,000 RPM and tried to file the quail eggs (raw).

Of course, there are some high-torque nail drills like the MelodySusie on the market, but if you look carefully you will find that their size is not as compact as MelodySusie products. While increasing the performance of the tools, optimizing their appearance and size is also important, so that you can feel the convenience and enjoyment in every step from watching to using nail drills.

More Benefits of High Torque

More efficient: You no longer have to waste more time on the removing and cutting process due to low torque stops.

Safer: You could use less force, which indirectly reduces the heat of the drill bits and the danger of them coming into contact with the fingernails.

More enjoyable experience: I believe you will have a deeper understanding of this if you are a salon worker, customer experience is an essential part we cannot ignore.

Other Important Factors for an Electric Nail Drill

Motor: The type of motor determines the heat dissipation, vibration and quietness of a nail drill. Here we simply provide the easiest way for you to choose the e-files you need.

Brushless motor: Quiet, low loss and durable.

Coreless cup: Low heat.

Appearance Design: Nail art itself is the process of chasing beauty. Imagine the difference between using an unsightly nail drill and a good-looking nail drill. There should be a big difference, right?

Lightweight handpiece: Professional manicurists always take a long time to operate the nail drills, and the heavy handles may damage your wrist.

Finally, when it comes to high-performance nail drills, every part counts. While torque is what drives everything, speed, motors, chips, batteries and design are all important, having them work complement to each other and efficiently together will then make a good nail drill.

As a professional nail tool brand, MelodySusie has more than 13 years of experience in nail art tools. We look forward to discussing and exploring more nail art knowledge with you.

For more of MelodySusie’s nail drill products, please visit here.

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I never realize the torque. This arctile helpes me know more….would love to share with my sisters.



I had no idea that torque was what made an electric nail drill efficient. I always thought it was all about speed. This article was an eye-opener for me, and I’ll definitely be taking torque into account when shopping for a new drill.



I’ve been struggling with finding the right nail drill for my at-home manicures, and now I know why. My current one has terrible torque, which causes it to skip and stop frequently. Thanks for the tips on how to pick the best electric nail drill based on torque!



Understanding the difference between speed and torque is crucial for picking the right e-file or electric nail drill.



As a professional nail tech, I can’t stress enough how crucial torque is for a smooth and precise filing experience. I’ve had my fair share of low-torque drills that just wouldn’t cut it (pun intended). Great post on the importance of torque!

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