All You Need to Know about Electric Nail Drill Maintenance

All You Need to Know about Electric Nail Drill Maintenance

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Nail drill?


An electric nail drill or e-file is an electric-powered rotary precision instrument used for filing nails or removing nail enhancements, which has emerged in recent years. Nail drills play a vital role for a great nail work, and they are often expensive. Due to the improper use or lack of correct maintenance, we have a very short service life of our drills, and often encounter problems when using nail drills, such as the nail drill pen not rotating smoothly, unstable rotation, or difficulty charging the power, etc. resulting in overall dissatisfaction with the product .

So, we've put together a complete guide and important points on how to maintain your nail drills and its parts.

How to Maintain a Nail Drill?

1. Use the machine correctly

1.1 Read the user manual.

For the first time we use a nail drill, be sure to carefully read the user manual, especially the operation requirements. Different brands may have differences in settings or operations, even different models of the same brand. By reading the manual, you can fully understand the machine, including the basic operation steps, and also avoid damage caused by improper operation.

1.2 Keep every part dry before use.

1.3 For the nail drill pen (we can also call it a handpiece), the most critical factor affecting a nail drill.

> Handle the handpiece with care

Since the core technical accessories, including the motor and bearings, are installed in the handpiece, it is particularly important to use the nail drill correctly. The first step is to handle it with care, as a strong collision will directly damage the internal electronic structure and cannot be used normally, but unfortunately, this is often overlooked.

1.4 For the drill bits

> A nail drill requires drill bits for cutting and grinding, and these bits come in a variety of grits, materials, sizes and shapes. Make sure you choose the correct bits for its use.

> Insert the nail drill bit correctly.

> When replacing the nail drill bit, turn off the nail drill first and then replace it.

> If the nail drill bit falls to the ground, we should check whether the drill bit is damaged before use.

1.5 Use the nail drill at different speeds correctly.

Once you have the right grip on different speeds, things will start getting easier for you with time.

For natural nails it’s best if you use nail files or sanding bands.

1.6 Working environment and frequency of use.

The e-File's life will be affected by how you operation and how frequent you use. Generally speaking, a nail drill has its total working time. The more frequency you use, the shorter the service life it may get. 

Thie high-intensity work, with continuous heat and deformation, will make the motor of the machine wear out more quickly as well.

2. Keep the Battery Healthy and Happy

2.1 Don’t charge the nail drill until it is completely out of power (automatic shutdown). You can charge with 20-30% power left.

2.2 Don’t use the nail drill when charging.

2.3 Unplug the battery when it is 100% full.

2.4 The charger must be original or meet the input voltage and current requirements. In principle, only the original power adapter can be used. Different brands of chargers use unequal input voltages and often use non-original power adapters, which may shorten the service life.

2.5 If the nail drill is not used for a long time, we suggest fully charge the battery and then shut down for storage. And it is recommended to check every three months.

3. Clean, Dry, and Storage after Each Use.

Please note: Keep the nail drill and nail drill bits in a safe place (Don't fall to the ground) and handle it gently. Keep the nail drill and bits out of reach of children under age 10.

3.1 For Nail Drill

> Be sure to keep it dry and clean after use.

> Use a fine cloth or toothbrush to clean the dust & debris from small crevices

> Hold your device carefully & steadily without bending the handle. Keep track of the angle at where the drill’s cord is sitting.

> Always make sure you unplug the electric file before cleaning it.

3.2 For Nail Drill Bits

> Make sure to disinfect your nail file bits after each time you use it, especially if you are using it on different hands.

When Should You Replace a Nail Drill?

> For Nail Drill

1. The nail drill is seriously damaged and the electric wire leaks.

2. No response from the control panel.

3. Water had got in and was unable to use.

4. The battery died so quickly that it had to be recharged often to use it.

5. The voltage does not match when charging / Using non-standard accessories causes damage to the nail drill.

6. Abnormal sound when charging or in use.

7. Prolonged use causes the controller to be unresponsive.

> For Nail Drill Pen/Handpiece.

1. The nail drill pen doesn’t rotate when powered on, or it rotates intermittently.

2. The nail drill pen makes a lot of noise. Or it gets too hot easily.

3. Unable to power on, and not working at all.

4. The bit breaks off causing the bit rod to get stuck in the nail drill pen and cannot be removed.

5. Abnormal vibration of the nail drill leads to abnormal rotation of bits.

6. The bits cannot be properly stuck (the lock is abnormal).


Now you know how to take good care of your nail drill. Time to check if you are using or maintaining it the right way.

In addition, it is also important to choose a nail drill with good performance.Good quality nail drills may be a little bit expensive, but they often come with longer lige, more efficient performance, lower noise, better beat dissipation, better after sales service, etc.

Below are some of our high performance nail drills for you to choose from. 

Jade Plus Rechargeable Nail Drill 35,000RPM

- Superior Brushless Motor with 35,000 RPM

- Long Battery Life with Built-in 1700mAH battery capacity, a 2-hour full charge, 5 hours of strong and stable work

- 6 Kinds of Premium Quality Nail Drill bits

MR5-Rechargeable Nail Drill 35,000 RPM

- Upgraded Coreless motor: Providing ≥ powerful torque and a high rotation speed of up to 35,000rpm.

- Durability:  Built-in upgraded larger capacity 2000mAh battery. With only 2.5 hours of full charge, you will get an incredible 15h long battery life.

- Professional nail drill bits: Equipped with 1 *carbide drill bit, 1 ceramics drill bit and 6 kinds of professional metal nail drill bits.

Sparkle Plus Rechargeable Nail Drill 35,000RPM

- Coreless motor: 35000 RPM rechargeable nail drill

- Rechargeable Cordless Nail Drill: With a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, up to 15 hours of use with only 2.5 hours charge time. 

- Multifunctional Nail Drill Bits Kit: With 8 professional metal/ carbide/ ceramic nail drill bits (also works with all kinds of 3/32” bits).

As a professional nail tool brand, MelodySusie has more than 13 years of experience in nail art tools. We look forward to discussing and exploring more nail art knowledge with you.

For more of MelodySusie’s nail drill products, please visit here.

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