8 Festive Christmas Nail Art Designs for Holiday Season 2022

8 Festive Christmas Nail Art Designs for Holiday Season 2022

As winter arrives, many nail enthusiasts are excited to try out new winter and Christmas-themed nail styles. Winter offers a wide range of classic elements that can serve as inspiration for nail art designs. In this article, we will not only show you the latest trends in winter and Christmas nail art, but also provide step-by-step instructions for do them at home. Don't be intimidated by the complexity of these styles, as MelodySusie new Christmas nail tool kit will make it easier for you to achieve the look you desire.

Let's see what they are.

1. Winter Confetti

IG @naominailsnyc

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas revelry? Christmas trees? Streamers? Gifts? Now here is the easiest way to fit Christmas into your manicures.

Mix Laser Nail Art Sequins

Don't think it is complicated to apply the glitter. You just need to apply the base coat to the area you want, and then pour the glitter on. You can use a brush to remove excess glitter and then get shiny color film manicures.

2. Grinch Cartoon Christmas Nails

IG @magiablanca_nailartist

Grinch, is still one of the representative characters of Christmas. Many nail art lovers like to paint grinch on their nails to express their unique emotions.

‘Jingle Jangle’ Christmas 24+4 Gel Polish

If you want to draw the Grinch’s body, ‘Jingle Jangle’ could perfectly help you achieve it. The classic Christmas color collection makes it easier to complete the Christmas design.

3. Snowflake Winter Nails

IG @_beautyartistrybyaraceli

The combination of blue and white is always reminiscent of the calm lakes and the falling snowflakes. I am sure you will also love this manicure if you love Elsa!

3D Christmas Snowflake Stickers

Are you still looking for an easy way to draw snowflakes on your nails? 3D stickers can help you do it in ten seconds. Just use a tweezer to take out the pattern you want and glue it on the nails.

4. Black Paillette Nails

IG @cassiesnailsandbeauty

If you're tired of the so classic colors, of course, red and green, and want to try some more unique manicures, this black sequin manicure may be your best choice.

‘Christmas Tree’ Christmas 24+4 Gel Polish

This nail gel polish set combines black, white, and green sparkles. You can be more inspired to create your unique Christmas nail art. In addition, we recently uploaded a video tutorial where you can learn the easiest way to make a Christmas tree.

5. Red Chrome Nails

IG @berecitahsnails

If you're a solid color lover but want to try something unique, please do not miss this red metal manicure! The simple but textured design is just right for the coming holiday.

Metallic Mirror Chrome Nail Powder

MelodySusie launched metal magic mirror powder last month that could enhance your manicure texture in just one step. First, you should apply a light base color as normal. Then you could evenly apply the metallic powder with a cotton swab or brush.

6. Santa with his reindeer

IG @victorianailsbar

HO HO, Santa is coming! Santa and reindeer are undoubtedly everyone's favorite classic patterns to display on Christmas nail art. They represent gifts, surprises, and warmth.

3D Christmas Alloy Nail Charms

Do you want to create a 3D reindeer pattern at home? Just look at these charms. Beginners also can use these charms to complete the complex Mani design without a long painting process.

7. Bubble Nails

IG @nailsbykiyoko

‘Are people still doing 3D bubble nails?’ The other day, I asked our professional manicurist this question. The answer is of course, yes. 3D nail art could be paired with anything that people can not stop loving it.

3D Aurora Bubble Decoration

The traditional way to do 3D nail art is to use a dotting pen dip the UV gel, and then tap it on the nails. Now you could make 3D round drops easily without any nail art skills. Just use these 3D aurora bubble decorations.

8. Abstract Nails

IG @cuteticlesnails

With the resurgence of the Y2K style this year, you may find that there are more and more abstract-style manicures appearing in public. There is no fixed design. Uniqueness is its biggest feature.

Gold Foil Flakes

The 12-color gold foil set can meet all your unique creative needs. Plus, since they have no shape constraints, you can even make them into patterns as you like.

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I love all of these designs! They’re so festive and perfect for the holidays. Great job!



These are the most beautiful Christmas nail art designs I’ve seen. I will definitely be trying them on my nails this holiday season.



Snowflake winter nails are the perfect touch of elegance for the holiday season! I love how these Christmas nail art designs look so chic and sophisticated.



These Christmas nail art designs featuring bubbles are truly amazing! So creative and beautiful.



Thank you for sharing the amazing Abstract Nails designs! I will definitely be trying them out this holiday season.

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