What Manicure To Wear For This Spring? Nail Art Ideas and Design Trends in 2021

What Manicure To Wear For This Spring? Nail Art Ideas and Design Trends in 2021

What’s your favorite season? I guess many would say spring (or other three lol). There are actually many reasons to love spring, for it is the beginning of a new year, for the hope to change and restart, the great time to prepare for the rest of year.
It’s also a lot of fun planning all the spring outfits and new makeup, and so do our nails, just need some updates and variations. Something about swapping out moody winter nails for softer spring nail shades would just change the overall vibe, I bet you agree it too.

Here we rounded up the following spring 2021 nail trends to inspire your nail selections.

1. Colorful Painting

colorful painting nails

Instagram @alsbeauty__

Spring vibe is all in the weather designs, you can apply as many colors as you want. Paint the pattern on your entire nail, or paint them along the edges. Flowers, greeneries and rainbows, everything you can think of spring or whatever you like, just grab a couple of fine-tip striping brushes and let your nails speak for you.

2. Ombre nails

ombre nails
Instagram @angel_nails_indigo

We see that many ombre nail styles come in two tones that are complementary; however, you can always pick hues of your preference for a colorful finish. This fading and blending effect is never out of date and for this spring, it is still a good choice to add personality and flair to otherwise plain, simple nails.

3. Floral tips

floral tips
Instagram @rachelsbeauty_

We love French manicure, and with this litter flower tips, I just adore them more. To design your nails, you can always mix and match different elements and styles together to achieve unexpected unique effect.

4. Creative(neon) pastel nails

neon pastel nails
Instagram @joelyoceannails

Neon is definitely a highlight for this pastel nails yet you are not limited to it. Pastel nails are not that predicable if you try to pair with trendy nail art like checkers, elongated acrylics or neon, pastels can be fresher than ever. No matter what your vibe, pastel would not disappoint you.

5. Alternate Colors

alternate colors nails
Instagram @nails.bab

If you know what your skin tone (cool/warm/neutral) is, you can easily select the best shades for your nails~ But it's also cool to just wear as many colors as you want on your nails, and even double the charm with French manicure, who wouldn’t say it is just stunning?

6. Everything Nude

nude nails
Instagram @ednails288

When it comes to nude nail, you will find that it is so exceptional for providing the wearer with a blank canvas to create their own design–flowers, stripes, ombres, you can add everything you want. There’s something here that is sure to spark inspiration no matter what shape, length, or aesthetic you prefer. Nude nail design is still trending this year and just go and pick yours now.

And no matter what nail style you’re going to wear, you will need a great set of gel nail polishes, here we have combined all the trending colors together, just click and get yours now!

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