Top 5 Spring Nail Art Trends to Try in 2022

Top 5 Spring Nail Art Trends to Try in 2022

If you follow the fashion calendar, you will find that everything has already well into spring 2022. The nails are among the trend, and we guess your nails are not even ready. Hopefully, at least we know which nail trends to look forward to while everything in this world seems to be out of control in the past.

With the fashion week runway shows upon us once more, it’s time to take a look at what our hands will look like for the next season. Nothing makes us happier than a pastel nail polish and floral print, and thankfully this spring has both. If you agree that pastel neutrals are better than melancholy winter hues, then you should check out this roundup of spring nail trends that you will wear all season long. As a little bonus, we’re also offering some gel polish kits that you can try for yourself this coming season. Now keep scrolling for all the mani inspiration you need through next year.

1. Floral Print Nails

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Perhaps the only thing more spring-like than turquoise nail polish is the floral nail pattern on turquoise nail polish. Feature your nails with soft flowers and jeweled ornamentation, which are adding more breath of spring, just as shown here.

To DIY a fun floral look nail art, you need to apply several coats of turquoise nail polish like this for a base color, then dip a small brush in green and white gel nail polish to paint the flowers and stems.

MelodySusie Pandora's Box 24+4 Gel Nail Polish Kit includes greenish-blue polish which will be your good choice to make similar floral print nails for spring 2022.

2. Bright Pastel Nails

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Tell me, can it be called spring without pink and blue gel polish? We couldn’t agree more! Models wore bright and fun colors on the body as well as their nails, just like this turquoise blue & fuchsia color piece nail gel design.

It’s very simple to make these spring nails art 2022 by yourself. The most important part is to choose two bottles of nail gel polish with bright and bold blue and pink colors. Draw different shapes of color blocks on different nails using one color, then fill the rest with another color. Done!

MelodySusie Lady Jasmine 8+1 Gel Nail Polish Kit is a set you can try to use to DIY this bright pastel nail polish set, because it contains colors that are relatively saturated, such as blue and pink, they are perfect for spring.

3. French Tips Nails

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French manicures have been making a steady comeback for some time now. What do you get when you take a classic mani mixed with fun twists like this metallic pink-on-pink look? That’s the new nail trend for 2022.

Whether you are an expert in hand painting or not, the French nails will be a piece of cake for you. All you need is to pick your favorite nail colors and let them bloom at your fingertips.

MelodySusie Blooming Orange & Pink 24+3 Gel Nail Polish Kit combines the hottest spring colors of the moment, including pink, orange, green and red. Whether you want a shiny effect or a soft glow, you can find the right choice from this pretty polish set.

4. Crystal-Studded Nails

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Spring is always full of anticipation for crystals and rhinestones. Gina Edwards created these glam looks for this year's show. The name of the game is glitz, whether it's decorative crystal or gold foil. Cleverly gone, drama is back.

To DIY these nails crystal, you can try to use different spring gel color bases and various rhinestones to make creative visual effects. For example, the pink gel nail polish base with clear crystal will give your nails more spring shine.

MelodySusie Gel Polish 72 Colors Set comes with 72 colors gel polish, 6 base coats, 2 matte top coats and 2 glossy top coats. The set also includes 5 boxes multi-shape nail rhinestones. It will be perfect for your crystal-studded nails DIY in the salon or at home.

5. Minimalist Nails

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This flipped-90-degrees French mani from Peter Do is a cool update to the negative-space look. The scalloped edges and negative space shown on the nails still feel light and airy, which are very suitable for the coming spring.

To DIY these minimalist nails are very simple and don’t require much of a steady hand to replicate. Meanwhile, the irregular wavy lines are very eye-catching and can be done with any color, to match any shape.

MelodySusie Colorful 24+4 Nail Polish Full Kit is your must-have for these minimalist nails. It includes the 24+4 gel nail polish set, nail art liner brushes, nail lamp, nail rhinestones, UV shield gloves and steel edge cutter, which helps you create these spring nails easily.

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