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Why did your Gel Nails Peel within A Short Time?

Why did your Gel Nails Peel within A Short Time?

Why did your Gel Nails Peel within A Short Time

 About the problem you encountered, we found out some answers may help you.

Either the nail was not prepared correctly or the gel polish was not cured properly.

Also if the polish was touching your skin and not cleaned before putting your hands in the UV/LED light to cure, it would start to peel. Other factors could be medications you may take. Maybe your own body's PH was not compatible with the gel polish you were using.

If your nails are thin and weak, your polish will not last very long, that’s just a fact. The flexibility of your nails causes the polish to chip easily.

melodysusie nail gel

Regarding my second point, that can happen for several reasons.

It may be that the gel polish was not cured long enough or it may be that the lamp used is not compatible with the gel used.

Contrary to popular belief, all lamps DO NOT cure all gel polishes. 
If a lamp has the wrong wavelength spectrum it doesn't matter how long you leave it under the lamp, the polish will never fully cure.

The chemistry is very specific, and you cannot guarantee that gel polish is cured
thoroughly unless that specific lamp has been tested with the polish brand.

This is because when gel is only 50% cured its already hard. So just seeing that agel polish had hardened doesn't mean it's fully cured.

Unless you are a cosmetic chemist, don't assume you can mix and match lamps and gel polish. Always use the lamp that has been developed to go with your chosen brand of polish.

And if a company claims their lamp is universal or their polish can be sure underany lamp, find a different company…it's not true.

Uncured/undercured gel polish not only can cause peeling but after repeated exposure you can actually develop an allergy to gel polish.

And some famous brands of gel polishes has a special wavelength that should be totally cured by their brands of nail lamps, such as Gelish.


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Heh, interesting info. Simple polish does not hold on my nails at all, and I tried gel nails maybe 3-5 times in different places. Only in the 1st one it did hold pretty well, all others started peeling off in a week. Either lots of people does not know this info, or my nails hate any nail polish (and even deal better with shimmery/glittery nail dipping powders better than with plain/single color ones…)



Thanks for your knowledge. This make so much sense now. I was working ar a salon and I was using the sunuv with p
Opi or DND and getting bad results

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