4 Benefits of Nail Dust Collector: Reasons Why You Should Get One Now

4 Benefits of Nail Dust Collector: Reasons Why You Should Get One Now

Getting a new manicure can always be a real pleasure.
Except some annoying facts for both salon professionals and manicure-lovers:
Dust flying in the air and all over the workstation.

A good nail dust collector can simply solve the dust problem and beyond that, ensure you a healthy environment.

nail dust detail

Here are 4 Benefits of using a nail dust collector

1. Avoid respiratory diseases and improve health

nail dust collector prevents respiratory disease

It is estimated that a cosmetician inhales around 4kg of harmful dust yearly which 32% of them might result in diseases of the respiratory system. A nail dust extractor would help to suck up most of the dusts during the manicure, preventing you from sneezing or coughing. You never know what you are breathing in!

2. Keep a dust-free workstation

dust-free work station

All dusts produced during the manicure would go directly into the nail dust collector. No more cleaning up annoying dust that ends up in every corner of your station.

3. Increase productivity and save your time

nail salon receiving more clients

(Photo source:The top 25 nail salons in Toronto by neighbourhood)

With nail dust collector as your super assistant, you can just focus on your nail work and don’t have to waste time cleaning the work station. For salon owners, you can serve more clients.

4. Ensure a happier life

happy manicure with nail dust collector

(Photo source:Antonio_Diaz)

Better working environment and high efficiency would just make life easier and happier.

Any recommendation of nail dust collector?

Try MelodySusie.

MelodySusie nail dust collector

MelodySusie Nail Dust Collector is a newly-released product in 2020, after 12-month of research, design, tests and upgrades, we are now presenting the most cost-effective nail dust collector with the best dust-collecting capacity.

  • 100% vacuum effect
  • Strong and durable fans
  • Easy to carry and install.
  • Detachable and Easy to Operate
  • Multi-Functional

With MelodySusie, you can simply enjoy having manicure without any worries.

Time to say NO to endless dust and messy table.

Cannot wait to have your own Nail Dust Collector? Use code “MSNDC” to enjoy 15% off at checkout!

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Josephine Lopez

Josephine Lopez

Wow I never thought of it like that that’s scary and that’s cause I sleep with oxygen already that’s so educational to someone who doesn’t know thanks for the information!

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