Winner Announcement!!! Who Wins The Big Manicure Bundle?


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Before we tell you who's the winner of last blog giveaway, let's take a look of this Fun Game and its attractive prizes. It's been a while since "Family Game Night" started. So far:
3 lucky guys have got the 50% off code for scarlet nail drill
Shana (Shanaa****
Sara Whitley (sara****
Connie (2Con****
1 lucky guy has got the 99% off code for scarlet nail drill
Eziada (Eziaa****
win scarlet nail drill efile 99% off code coupon

Do you wanna be a part of that? Let play a game! You will get a chance to win 99% off code for Scarlet Nail Drill.

Enter Game:


First prize: TWO 99% off discount coupons for Scarlet Nail Drill
Second prize: FIVE 50% off discount coupons for Scarlet Nail Drill
Participation Award: 12% off discount coupons for Scarlet Nail Drill


1. Name & Email is required
2. In the final result of the game, you will get the discount coupon you got this time, and your mailbox will also receive an email about the discount coupon.
3. A mailbox can only participate in two times a day.
4. When a large discount coupon is drawn, it will be announced on our Instagram account (IG @ melodysusie_official)




First of all, thanks to everyone who came here to celebrate our 10th Birthday! We heard a lot of manicure stories of yours, touching, funny, and great. Hope every one of you can keep going and remain true.  Anyway, congratulations to our winner:

Congrats May! You win a whole MelodySusie 521WEEKS MANI BUNDLE including 1 scarlet nail drill, 1 set of ceramic bits, 1 54w LED/UV lamp


  • We’ll contact the winners via email to be provided their shipping address within one week, otherwise, we'll not ship the products.
  • Winners need to send us the review link within 2 weeks once received the product, otherwise will not be able to take part in the future testing programs.





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  • Posted on by Megan

    Your work is amazing!!! Thank you for having tutorials to teach us what you do!!

  • Posted on by May Donails

    Thank Melodysusie so much!!! Will definitely share to all my social media! ❤❤❤

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