The Full Aspects to Consider When Choosing Your Ideal Nail Drill Bits

The Full Aspects to Consider When Choosing Your Ideal Nail Drill Bits


Whether you're planning to remove gel polishes, dip powders, or acrylics, knowing how to choose a proper nail drill bit will help you get started quickly. During the past, you may have always learned that people mainly distinguish nail drill bits by shape and material, but in fact, there are more aspects to consider when choosing. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to create a perfect nail art once you choose the right manicure tool. Let's dive right in!

What Nail Drill Bits Actually are?

A nail bit has two main sections adjacent to each other, a shank and its head. Shank inserts the handpiece and the head work on the nails. Most nail drills are compatible with a standard shank diameter of 3/32-inch bit size, and it is very important when selecting a nail drill tool to ensure that it is compatible with that size. Connected to an electric nail drill, they perform different filing works such as polishing natural nails, shaping nails, removing nail calluses of cuticles or nail sides, saving the nail artists' time and effort.

What Needs to Be Considered Before Making a Decision?


Prepare Cuticle

Every time you want to start a manicure, you will find that the first step is always to prepare your cuticle, this is because it can make your nail bed present a clean and flat state, avoiding the later nail gel polish warped.

The diamond cuticle nail drill bit set, made of high quality and wear-resistant carbide, is a worry-free choice for removing, cleaning, and smoothing the cuticle area. Provides an easy, quick and safe way for your cuticle preparation, and ensures the following manicure gets a perfect start.

Nail Bits

Removal, Shaping, Polishing and More

Moving to the next step, it will be the main application of nail drill bits that removal, shaping, polishing, and more. Therefore, choosing which for a satisfactory manicure is so confusing because there are so many types available. Then why not check out MelodySusie's latest nail drill bits below to get the most out of your nail drill.

Large tapered barrel nail drill bits are made of YG6X tungsten carbide material, which is harder and more durable than other materials. Great for manicurists to quickly remove acrylic nails, dip powder, poly gel, and hard gel nail polish.

What is YG6X tungsten carbide Material? YG6X Material grades and equivalents:UNS C3/ISO K10、G50.
It is used for semi finishing of chilled cast iron, nodular iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys, and also for semi finishing and finishing of high manganese steel, hardened steel and alloy steel.
Why MelodySusie choosing YG6X tungsten carbide material? It comes with more excellent heat dissipation, lower vibration, lower noise, and harder-wearing features and is faster to remove acrylic nails, dip powder, poly gel, and hard gel nails than other materials.

Large barrel smooth top nail drill bits feature a cross-cut design to safely and quickly smooth contoured nail gel surfaces or nails. The smoother rounded top protects the cuticle and sidewall from scratches and cuts on contact, making it novice-friendly.

Long flame nail drill bits are designed with a longer head and a large contact area which is faster and more convenient for removing & polishing acrylic nails than other bits. It is an ideal choice for nail techs working on artificial nails, as it combines multiple functions from shaping, carving, smoothing, backfilling, to removing gel.

Ceramic flame drill bits provide excellent heat dissipation and are designed with an oval top for a wider view and can remove gel gently. And they are suitable for people who are allergic to metals.

Multifunction for All

MelodySusie's new arrival 5 in 1 Pro Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bits is a multi-tasking tool, designed with 3 kinds of teeth mix in 1. You don't even need to change the drill bit when you clean nail art, which can remove the hard gel, base gel, and soft gel separately one time.

The function of nail bit


The last thing you want to happen when using an electric nail drill for a manicure is discovering that you damaged the nail bed! Therefore, the grits of nail drill bits will be a critical factor that you must consider.

Generally, each nail drill bit will be attached to a color coil, and the grits represented by the coil can be identified by different colors. And it can be divided into three basic levels: Fine, Medium, and Coarse. The coarser the grit, the sharper the nail drill bit. For more experienced users, the coarser one is a superior choice for speed. However, to be on the safe side, beginners are advised to start with the finest one and work up after proficiency improves.

Nail bit size


5 in 1 Straight Cut Nail Drill Bits show sharp straight teeth line design, enabling fast nail removal, suitable for hard gel polish, and experienced manicurists.

5 in 1 Cross Cut Nail Drill Bits exhibit a pronounced cross teeth line design, which allows it to provide more support points to disperse the filing force when working, making its filing effect gentler than the straight cut, and also with a slow speed but stable process. beginners are recommended to start from the finest one of it.

Cut design of nail drill


When actual nail drill work, you may notice that not all nail drill bits support both Forward and Reverse rotations. In fact, this is determined by the cut shape of the nail drill bits.

If it's an isosceles triangle, then obviously equal stress angle makes the rotation direction won't affect how well it works, which is the reason why it works for both left-handed and right-handed people. If it's a general cut nail drill bit, it will be a triangle that leans slightly to one side, thus when it's rotated to the side it leans, you'll get a better polish effect. There is also a super cut nail drill bit, which is a right-angled trapezoid shape, only supports a single rotation direction, but is more durable and powerful, quite suitable for some hard gel removal.


How to Use Nail Drill Bits?

After understanding the above options, now it's time to enter into use and application.

Begin by removing calluses from your cuticles and your nail sides using the previously mentioned cuticle nail drill bit set. Then choose the texture corresponding to the nail drill bits for your nail bed based on the type of removal. For residual gel and base coat, XF is generally sufficient. For soft gel, M and F are ideal textures. For hard gel, poly gel, acrylic, and dip powder, C, XC, 2XC, and 3XC are suitable. Finally, if it involves shortening, cutting, and shaping the nail extension, then please consider C, M, F.

How to use nail drill bits

What Worth Knowing About the Maintenance Tips?


Proper cleaning of your nail drills on a regular basis is essential and important to prevent the infection and spread of disease and bacteria, especially when you use them on your client's nails. Moreover, it can also keep your nail bits sharp and in good shape. Ideally, you should clean your nails after each use.

First, brush off any remaining dust or grime with a brush, soap, and water. Next is the disinfection step. Soak it in 75% alcohol or other disinfectants for a few minutes. Of course, you can also try our sterilization box, which has four powerful UV bulbs inside that send clean light to the outside of the nail. Complete cleaning in just 6 minutes. Finally, take them out to dry, then preferably put them in a dedicated nail drill bits organizer storage bag to make sure they won't be attacked by other chemicals.

Note: The ceramic head is not suitable for UV exposure as it may discolor the ceramic.

clean the nail drill bits


Natural nails are most prone to damage from heat build-up, so remember always keep your nail drill bit dynamic instead of applying it over and over in one place, or your nails are vulnerable to damage from over-filing.


If you haven't replaced the nail drill bits for a long time, it is not difficult to find that they will become duller and duller, making you spend more time and effort completing the nail filing work. Not only is this a huge waste of your time, but it can also cause pain in your wrist. Hence timely replacement of nail drill bits is something we would always recommend. Generally speaking, tungsten steel nail bits need to be replaced once every 2 or 3 months, while ceramic nail bits need to be replaced in a shorter time, that is need to be replaced in about 1 month. Of course, this also depends on the frequency of your use and the type of removal. For frequent use and application of some hard work, then a shorter replacement cycle should be considered.

One more important safety tip for you,  nail drill bits can not be dropped, as the one dropped can not continue to be used.

After reading this full explanation, I believe you should have a good understanding of what nail drill bits are and how to use them. Come to MelodySusie to check your reading result and choose your ideal nail drill bits. The more suitable the nail bits you have on hand, the easier your manicure will be, thus you'll get a better result. 


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Finally, not all nail drill bits support both forward and reverse rotations. Make sure to choose one that suits your needs.



The different grits on these nail drill bits are so important to consider! I never want to damage my nail bed! 😬



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I’m always afraid of damaging my nails, so this article was super reassuring!!! I now know exactly what to look for in a nail drill bit.

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