The Spooky and Cute Nail Designs With A Simple Tutorial to Try This Halloween

The Spooky and Cute Nail Designs With A Simple Tutorial to Try This Halloween

If you're ready to decorate your home and courtyard for Halloween, but haven't decided how to immerse yourself in the Halloween vibe, then this article is especially for you!

We totally understand that many customers are not influencers or professional manicurists. When you spend a lot of money and time doing Halloween manicures, but on the first day of November, you may feel that your manicures have become very abrupt. With that in mind, all we could do for you is reduce your creative consumption while maintaining the creativity and beauty of the nail art as much as possible.

So, in this article, not only can you find some Halloween nail art inspirations, but also a 3-STEP Halloween Nail Art Tutorial. I swear this is the most effortless Halloween manicure you will ever have!

Halloween Nail Art Trends

Spooky Season

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The sparkling black with the traditional ghost motif is definitely one of the no mistakes in nail art at Halloween parties. MelodySusie Creepy Skeleton gel polish kit is born for this kind of mani.

Cuteee Ghost nails

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Tired of scary ghosts? Try this one! How cute these ghosts are! You can even do this nail art in your daily life.

The bones

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With the pure black base color and hand-drawn bones, it's simpler than you think! By the way, you also could use the 3D stickers to achieve it.

Only Have Eyes

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For those who are looking for scary Halloween nail art, this one will be undoubtedly for you! But do you know that you can complete this nail art without complicated hand drawing? Click here to find a quick way.

Glow Green Nail

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One of the most popular elements of the year - Glow. Neo-green has been popular since spring, and is still popular on a large scale today. MelodySusie also launched a highly saturated green gel polish kit to get your manicure to this effect.

Blood Drip Drip

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If you search for last year's hot Halloween manicure, you will find that last year's blood droplets are almost flat, and this year most people are fascinated by three-dimensional blood droplets. Using MelodySusie 3D stickers to do this mani within 1minute.

Wound Nail Art

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Wounds can not only appear on Halloween makeup, but also nail art! Nothing better than the red in Ghosts Parade gel polish kit to be blood!

The Easiest Halloween Mani Tutorial

Last week we posted some photos of the Halloween nail art and some customers contacted us to say that it looked like this nail art would be very difficult to make. BUT, in fact, it only takes three steps!

1. Apply the coat of color

Pumpkin color, no doubt must be the hottest color on Halloween. MelodySusie has launched the Halloween gel polish kit recently, ‘Ghosts Parade’ is the most suitable kit for this day! It not only contains pumpkin color, but also contains red colors suitable for painting blood droplets and wounds. All the inspiration you want to achieve is in this kit.

2. Draw some easy lines

The biggest charm of Halloween nail art is spontaneity. You just need to draw some simple lines and shapes according to your own ideas. MelodySusie Mermaid Nail Brush Set lets you draw beautiful patterns effortlessly.

3. Glue the 3D stickers

From the above-mentioned trends and previous hot trends article, it is not difficult to see that the design trend of nail art is gradually shifting from flat to stereo popularity. MelodySusie has carefully selected five sets of 3D stickers and a box of rhinestones, no longer to spend time creating them by gels.

Can't believe how easy it is to get such a beautiful Halloween manicure, isn’t it?

We also prepare a video tutorial for you to follow the steps one by one.

Moreover, it's worth mentioning that MelodySusie Halloween Sale has just begun yesterday! More offers and events are waiting for you to explore.

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These designs are so creepy and perfect for Halloween! I love the idea of using only eyes, it’s so unique and memorable.



This design is so cool! I love the simplicity of the black base color and the hand-drawn bones. I never would have thought to use 3D stickers either, that’s a great idea!



This is such a creative Halloween nail art designs! I love the idea of using eyes only, it’s so eye-catching (pun intended).



I’ve been looking for a spooky but simple Halloween nail art design, and this is perfect! Thanks for the tip about using 3D stickers, I’m definitely going to try that.



I’m so excited to try these designs! They’re unique and different from the typical Halloween nail art.

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