Top 5 Summer Floral Nail Art Designs to Try 2021

Top 5 Summer Floral Nail Art Designs to Try 2021

We return to flower-blossom season after Pandemic Hiatus. The pandemic or being locked down at home may have made you forget, but spring and summer are still about to be in full bloom. If you are looking for safe ways to welcome your favorite season, here is our flower series nail polish to matches your way. Each set of flower series has 24 kinds of nail polish, and each set is taken from the main colors of four kinds of flowers. You can choose your favorite color to determine your favorite set. Life yearns for more we hope you rock your belonging flower-type nail polish.

1. Sunflower- 24+3 Ice Ballerina Gel Nail Polish Kit

Sunflowers just stay their entire life in one space and have to survive from there. That’s not so different from many of us right now. Seeing how they do it, and how Sunflowers does it differently, is what motivates us. At their budding stage, the sunflower turns its flowers to continuously face the sun from when it rises till it sets in the west. With good luck comes unending happiness, our 24+3 Ice Ballerina Gel Nail Polish Kit will bring you beautiful sunflower nail art and your partner approaches you with a cute smile while holding a sunflower. How attractive could that be?




2. Lavender-24+3 Monet’s Garden Gel Nail Polish Kit

Have you ever heard of the Proverbs 31 woman? Lavender nail art is the perfect definition of her. 24+3 Monet’s Garden Gel Nail Polish Kit is good a fit for a woman devoted to her work and family. The comfort of Lavender is knowing that they, too, are just trying to deal with the shit life gives them. And we can often observe them, in quiet wonder, doing so successfully. Humans have always dealt with, and got on after, a catastrophic event; we compensate in whatever way we have to, and that’s sort of what the Lavender is doing.



3. Tulip-24+3 Before Sunrise Gel Nail Polish Kit

Tulip at its most romantic, is an exploration. It’s an exciting quest you can join by, at least, just keeping your eyes open. You will try to do that more now. Through this 24+3 Before Sunrise Gel Nail Polish Kit, we can express our feminine nature of being loving species. The art brings out an attractive calming effect that easily draws people closer to you.



4. Rose-8+1 Bloody Mary Gel Nail Polish Kit

In daily life, a flower isn't just an ordinary bunch of petals. There is so much freedom that a flower brings to our lives when we start to give value to lovely people and families with our utmost priority and respect to appreciate the flower season. The relation and association of red Roses to romance and love go beyond tradition, cultures, and beliefs. Red Roses are also linked to intimacy and passionate emotions because of their deeper meaning and symbolism. The 8+1 Bloody Mary Gel Nail Polish Kit is based on romantic and Infectious red. Main base color orange, red, and gold. The rose in the afterglow of the setting sun, a stunning glimpse of the moving shadow will never be overlooked. Suitable for more grand occasions such as dating, parties, vacations, etc



5. Jasmine blossoms- 8+1 Lady Jasmine Gel Nail Polish Kit

In springtime, as flowers are blooming and many of us feel like we are not. Look at blossoms, which may seem frail at first glance, and discover resilience. However, the beauty that comes with that short time is worthwhile. If you own characteristics like strongly knows that you are beautiful and cannot be shaken with anyone or any season, 8+1 Lady Jasmine Gel Nail Polish Kit is the element that matches your peerless beauty.



Customize your own exclusive nail art based on the combination of suits, and use flowers to convey your love and your energy to your valuable life. The elements of flowers worn in nail art express the meaning that suits different scenes. Use floral language to convey the uniqueness of your special.

The flower season aims to boost our nail art imagination in our daily lives. We desires to give you enough to unleash your creativity, express your attitudes through the flower nail art.

Flower series is not your fit? We have 8-color Nail Polish for any occasions for your next nail art travel.

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