Father's Day 2021: The Perfect Gift Idea to Mantain Your Dad's Health by Pedicure

Father's Day 2021: The Perfect Gift Idea to Mantain Your Dad's Health by Pedicure

Father’s Day is our conventional way of expressing the immense love we have for our Dads. A father’s love for his child forms one of the strongest bonds there is, they lay the foundation for us to feel secure and learn to love. Dads really are amazing!

While our Dad’s most probably already know how much love we have for them, this holiday gives us a chance to fully show it. Celebrate your superhero on the 20th June and send your Dad some love with a thoughtful gift he’ll treasure forever.

1. The Gift of a Pedicure – Here’s Something That No One’s Talking About!

Wondering why we’re talking about pedicures this Father’s Day? It’s because the benefits of pedicures for men are huge – your Dad included!

Yes, pedicures aren’t just for women, they’re also for men too and they come packed with tons of benefits for all. The biggest advantage of a pedicure isn’t just that they make our feet look great (although we know they do!). Did you know that pedicures remove the bacteria that lives on our feet? And that they can effectively remove unwelcome foot odor? The road to healthier feet starts with good hygiene and by having a pedicure, you’re on the road to success.

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

2. Let’s Delve Into Some of the Benefits of Pedicures

While there shouldn’t be much need to convince someone to get a pedicure, we know too well that men in particular can be reluctant to take such measures to care for their feet.

Asides from making you feel great, taking the time to have a pedicure provides us with real benefits that we often take for granted.

  a. Prevents Infection

Summer is here and we’re ready to get out and about. Due to all the outdoor walking we’ll be doing in the warm sun, our feet are bound to get stuffy and carry extra sweaty moisture as we go about our day. The problem here is that this excess moisture can lead to fungal infections which can grow overtime. Having regular pedicures can help to remove any horrid bacteria that may be growing by clipping, cutting and cleaning the nails.

  b. Healthy Nails

Pedicures help to promote healthy nails by stimulating blood circulation around the feet. This increase in blood circulation helps to carry vital nutrients around the body to protect and support our feet and nails, providing them with all the goodness they need.  

  c. Relaxation and Mental Health

Taking time out to look after yourself is key to feeling relaxed and stress-free. Helping you to put your mind at ease, there are so many mental health benefits for both men and women when it comes to giving yourself a pedicure. It’s the perfect way to treat Dad this Father’s Day. After all, everyone deserves a pamper. Your Dad is no different!

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3. Why the Scamander Nail Drill?

Wondering why you should buy your Dad a nail drill this Father’s Day? If you aren’t convinced by our talk of pedicures for men, then let us tell you about our Scamander Nail Drill.

In addition to being ultra-convenient for your Dad to use, it’s rechargeable, portable and long-lasting – with up to 10 hours battery life and a quick recharging time of 2 - 2 and a half hours. There’s no need to convince your Dad to head over to the beauty salon, he can treat his feel to a refresh in the comfort of his own home.

This nail drill is strong enough for natural nails and acrylics – so while it’s unlikely that he wears acrylics, you may do and we’re sure your Dad loves you enough to let you borrow it on occasion for your at home pamper session!

Skip the ‘Best Dad Ever’ socks this year and show it in a different way. Give him the long-lasting gift of healthy feet for a lifetime and help him stay happy and able-bodied for every part of your life – from graduations to your wedding day.

No matter his age, your Dad is always going to need his feet to walk him through life’s journey with you. Educate him this Father’s Day by telling him the best-kept secret on the biggest benefit of pedicures. Buy him the finest and most unique gift that he’ll no doubt be pleased with.


4. How to Strengthen the Bond Between Fathers and Their Kids

The most important relationship for a child is the one they develop with their parents. Having a good relationship with your father can affect everything you do in later life – from your career to your dating habits. No wonder it’s so important to have a strong connection with your Father!

Let’s delve into some of the ways to strengthen the bond between the two of you this Father’s Day.

  a. Ask Questions About Their Life

One of the best ways to strengthen the relationship between you and your Dad is to show interest in each other’s lives. Ask them about their work, friends and things they never told you (this question works great both ways!). Listen to the stories he has to tell and share your own stories with him too. You’ll probably learn things you never knew about each other’s lives before.

  b. Open up About Your Feelings

When we open up and speak from the heart, we show trust. Getting to know your Dad on a deeper level paves the way to building a stronger connection, especially if you encourage or create the opportunity for your Dad to open up to you. As your parent, he’s used to protecting you and shielding you from pain – which might include hiding his own pain from you from time to time. Creating an environment where your Dad feels comfortable, opening up can help reinforce that connection between the two of you and create an even stronger bond.

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

  c. Genuinely Listen to Each Other

This is super important if you’re having a heart-to-heart. But even if you’re just casually chatting, show that you’re genuinely listening to what’s being said. Simple things like keeping eye contact, nodding your head, waiting for them to finish speaking before you speak, and asking follow-up questions can make a huge difference in helping build connections. By genuinely listening to each other when you talk, you can help strengthen trust.

  d. Reminisce About the Good Times You’ve Shared Together

We all love thinking about happy memories. Reminiscing of the good times with our Dads is no different. Ask about things you did together when you were younger and share the funny moments that you remember. Laughing and reflecting back will help you both see just how much life you’ve experienced together.

  e. Have a Pedicure Together!

Lastly, it wouldn’t be right if this one wasn’t on the list! To connect, you need to create a one-on-one environment where you’re both relaxed. Having a home pedicure together is a great treat for both you and your Dad and gives you the space to share, listen and reconnect.


Photo by Simon Berger from Pexels

Click the link here to purchase a Scamander Nail Drill or browse through our online catalogue to find the perfect gift this Father’s Day 2021. 

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