Vacation or Working? Decorate Yourself for Any Occasion with Nail Polish

Vacation or Working? Decorate Yourself for Any Occasion with Nail Polish

We are calling all moms, singles, and powerful women everywhere!

Melodysusie 8+1 gel nail polish kits are full of vibrant colors that help you decorate your fingers and toes for every and any occasion.  If you’re looking to spice up those nails and try something new, we have a kit for you. 

1. Nude Revolution Nail Polish Kit for the Working Woman

We can’t all be the neon pink and sparkly purple-wearing goddess.  Sometimes, we have to tone it down a bit for the office or to better match our personality.  Our Nude Revolution 8+1 Nail Polish Kit is perfect for the lady at work who likes to keep things simple. The bright yellow, red, beige, and pinks bring back an old-school class and style that can be appreciated in any setting. 


2. Rainbow Plus Nail Polish Kit for Summer Vacation or Beach Day

Now, here’s something we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the season for vacations and beach days! The gel polish colors in this kit match the happier weather and your bathing suit. The bright hues are a good mix of warm and cool shades that balance the intense colors and beauty of the brighter world around you. 


3. Party Animal Nail Polish Kit for a Night Out

Mix this polish kit with our Starry Night nail polish (below) and transform your nails into the kind of dark beauty that flourishes under the moonlight. The sparkling gold and silver colors in this gel polish kit add class and style to your already smashing look. 


4. Starry Night Nail Polish Kit for the Wild Woman in You

We could all use more glitter in our lives!  The colors in this kit are bright, sparkling, and fiercely bold—just like you.  They’re perfectly matched with the Party Animal kit if you’re the kind of woman who loves to be out and about, socializing safely, and flashing decorative nail art that sparks exciting conversations. 


5. Season Story Nail Polish Kit for Any Time of Year

Emanate the cyclical beauty of nature with Melodysusie Season Story polish kit.  It’s perfect for those who love the changing seasons and want their nails to reflect the beautiful colors of spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Check out that spring pink, the warm red of summer, the burgundy of fall, and the icy blue of winter! Mix the colors for decorations, and you have dozens of opportunities to dress your nails for any season.


6. Lolly Love Nail Polish Kit for Young Girls with Style

If you love nails, you probably have a few memories of the glee you felt when painting your nails as a little girl.  How empowering it was to make such a colorful change to our physical selves!  Our Melodysusie Lolly Love Gel Nail Polish Kit is precisely what you need for the little girl in your life with style.


7. Mix Colors for All Occasions

We love to mix and match our favorite colors. Sometimes, that means mixing up the kits a bit.  We have two that are especially popular for all the above occasions. One is Morandi Romance Nail Polish Kit, another is Miss Muse Nail Polish Kit.

8. Morandi Romance Nail Polish Kit

This kit is for the woman who’s obsessed with gel polish.  It has both matte and glittery colors that add a sexy elegance to your art. 


9. Miss Muse Nail Polish Kit

These trendy colors add a simple dignity and charm to your nails.  Add tips or decorations with the white and keep the shine for weeks after application.


8 colors are not enough? Don't worry! We have 24-colors nail gel polish kit here for you! You may refer to the related contents:

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