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The Easy Way to Do a Home Manicure During the Pandemic

The Easy Way to Do a Home Manicure During the Pandemic

We love to treat ourselves with a mani-pedi, don’t we?  For many of us, a manicure and/or pedicure is how we spoil ourselves.  We love to dress our digits as beautifully as we dress our bodies, hair, and face.  But through this pandemic, we’ve all missed that finger-wiggling delight that comes from seeing a vibrant, professional design displayed on our nails. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 still rampant and threatening, some nail salons are closed, and others are booked for months out. But, there’s another way to get that professional style manicure at home. 

Now, women from all over the world have been looking for better ways to do self-care. Not surprisingly, many are opting to try home manicures.  And why not?  We get dressed and do our makeup for our work and social Zoom calls, so why not dress up our nails too? At MelodySusie, we know the difficult decisions you’ve had to make to your “you time” in the last year.  Therefore, we decided to bring you reliable, easy-to-use tools for doing your manicure at home. 

Why Do a Home Manicure?

It’s incredibly relaxing to do your own manicure at home. It’s a form of creative expression that most of us can really appreciate, especially after spending so much time in the last year worrying about . . . everything. Doing your nails at home gives you time to yourself. It allows you to channel some of that energy into beautiful works of art you can show off with that radiant smile everyone loves to see on you.  Now, MelodySusie products make this relaxing activity easier than ever! 

Plus, consider all the money you’ll save by skipping the salon!  Now, that’s a reason to treat yourself!


Who Can Do a Home Manicure?

Anyone can do a manicure at home with Melodysusie products! From nail polish to electric nail drills, you can get the signature, professional look you’ve been missing for some time.  Look at what some of our customers have designed during their home manicure self-care time.

With ergonomically correct tools made from high-quality materials, you can’t go wrong with any of the Melodysusie products on our website.  However, if you’re just getting started, keep reading the next section, where we’ll tell you about the best tools to use when you’re new to the nail art game.  If you know what you’re looking for and you’re ready to get started, let’s get you over to the aisles!

What Tools Should You Use?

When you’re new to doing nails and designing nail art, there are a few tools that will make getting your fingers wet easier.  To start your home manicure journey, we recommend getting the Scarlet Electric Nail Drill.  It’s perfect for the beginning nail artist.  With a foot pedal control and corded drill, so you never run out of juice, this ergonomically correct design is suitable for all kinds of home manicures. 

Once you’ve got your drill, it’s time to pick your favorite colors!  We have shades and hues for all different occasions.  Our Nail Gel Sets are unique and varied, so you can mix and match your style.

Nail art from Anahí (our 'Post Nail Art' activity winner)

Shop Staff Favorites

We have a few shade favorites here at Melodysusie.  Here’s our top 3!

Twilight Forest

Pandora’s Box


Create your own nail art like our customers do.

Click and See Our Customers’ Nail Work!

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