6 Ways to Jazz Up Your Nail Art with 24+4 Gel Polish

nail gel polish

Beautiful nail art requires great polish and tools. Express yourself with 24+4 nail gel polish, drill, dust collector, and rhinestones.

1. Pointed Beauty with Masquerade 24+4 Gel Nail Polish

Nail art from Tikka

Tikka has a passion for nail art, and she’s always pushing herself to try new techniques and styles.  Her appreciation for the art and fun-loving attitude is reflected in her perfectly pointed nail shape, vibrant colors, and dazzling design. You, too, can create something as sharp as your wit and as bold as your spirit with Melody Susie’s Masquerade 24+4 gel nail polish kit.  Tikka also uses the Scamander rechargeable drill and dust collector to help shape and form her nails into the masterpieces you see in the image.  

2. Try New Things with Twilight Forest 24+4 Gel Nail Polish

Nail art from Angelica Rodriguez

Nail art is an expressive medium. You can always try new designs and techniques, like Angelica did for her bumble bee series.  Angelica’s lively and playful style can be replicated with the Twilight Forest 24+4 nail gel polish kit. Like the mysteries of the forest at twilight, the dark and vivid colors in this kit reveal the magic and elegance of your artistry.  To get that expert tip shape and nail texture, use the Scamander rechargeable nail drill with 30,000 RPM. This powerful tool gives your nails a professional, independent look to match your personality.

3. Natural Magic in Nail Art with Say Cheers 24+4 Nail Gel Polish

Nail art from Sally Ramirez

There’s something to be said about the mystical beauty of nature, which is why Sally Ramirez was one of Melody Susie’s contest winners. Sally’s design captures the eye with its dark tips and vivid butterflies dancing across the pale pink skies of her backdrop.  The rhinestones make the look as bright and glittery as Sally’s spirit.  Look at how the bold colors contrast against the subtle pink undercoat.  This resplendent elegance can be duplicated with our Say Cheers 24+4 gel nail polish, which helps the everyday girl make every day more colorful.

4. Brightly Bejeweled Nail Art with Frozen 24+4 Gel Nail Polish

Nail art from Julissa Salas

COVID-19 threw our lives into strange places.  Luckily, it landed Julissa into the nail business.  After losing her job, she was able to supplement her income and do what she loved – nail art! Her golden design is radiant in its demand to be seen. The clear tips with gold stencil designs add a subtlety that’s both enduring and enchanting.  Julissa’s design reminds us of the extravagance of royalty and sovereignty—a look that can be replicated with our Frozen 24+4 Gel Nail Polish kit and our 5-box multi-shape nail rhinestones.  You can get that expert shape and texture with the Scamander nail drill, but don’t forget to get the dust collector to make your nail art process a little easier and cleaner.

5. Simple Bling with Rhinestones and Colorful 24+4 Gel Nail Polish

Nail art by Michelle Haynes

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to dress your nails like you dress your soul – with glitter and brilliance – then you’ll love this kit! If you’re like Michelle and always looking for ways to make your nails pop, the 120-piece multi-shape nail rhinestones will help you dress your nails in jewels for some extra bling.  The Colorful 24+4 gel nail polish kit is the perfect color pallette for emulating Michelle’s simple yet fabulous style.

6. Macaron Inspired with Macaron 24+4 Gel Nail Polish

Nail art by Niria M. Benavides

Niria’s spring and Mother’s Day inspired nail art theme is perfect for the active, everyday woman who loves the spring season.  Her design makes us think of Easter eggs in the garden and makes us nostalgic for home.  Using the Macaron 24+4 gel nail polish kit and the Scamander nail drill for that professional shape, you can design something bold and bright to welcome the warmer weather just like Niria did.  Full of all the exciting colors that show themselves in nature when seasons change, remnants of rebirth and growth are found in the hues of the Macaron kit. Get yours today!

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