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The Best Press-on Nails to Get from MelodySusie

The Best Press-on Nails to Get from MelodySusie

1. Why Press-on Nails?

A person’s hands can leave a lasting impression, so it is essential to make your nails as glorious as faces. In this case, classical gel polish is always an option, however, sometimes we don’t want to spend a long time or high cost in nail salons, especially when we need to remove the gel polish, we have to rely on removal nail tools or salon visits. Besides, we want to change our nail styles regularly according to different occasions and moods.

No way! Is there a way that we can not only do our nails at home without the salon settings or price tag, but also allow us to change or remove them easily? Sure there is. If you haven’t tried press-on nails yet, you are missing out! Press-on nails are the combination of glamorous appearance and simple application process, which is cheaper than regular salon visits and healthier than acrylics.

2. What are the Best Press-on Nails to Get?

The good news is MelodySusie can provide you the best press-on nails. Our press-on nails are very comfortable, durable and reusable, if you treat them properly, you can make them last for 2 weeks. Besides, you can shape them freely to fit different nail shapes. And don’t worry about the quality of our press-on nails, because they are made of high-quality ABS material which is environmentally friendly as well as harmless to human being. They are not only easy application, but also hassle-free removal.

Here are two types of press-on nails that we highly recommended:
1. Solid Color Press-on Nails

solid color

The solid color is always in fashion, we have it in glossy and matte, which make it classical and stylish. These press-on nails are very natural just like your real nails, and they are suitable for any occasions. If you are at work, light pink and white can be a good choice to show your elegance, while black and colorful ones can help you slay the party. You can even cut or reshape the nails if you prefer short nails or repaint them to a brand-new nail.

2. Stylish Press-on Nails

stylish press on nails

stylish press on nails

These stylish press-on nails can help you easily achieve a salon-looking gel polish manicure, and all your friend will reckon you come out of a nail salon and appreciate your “real” nails. The design is so chic but can you imagine you can do it all by yourself at home? What’s more, they are reusable, thus you can change your nail style every day if you want.

The beauty of press-on nails is the application and removal process are simple and time-saving.

Let’s have a look at how to apply and remove them.

How to Apply Press-on Nails

Step 1. Clean and buff your natural nails, file the sides and cuticle area.

Step 2. Use alcoholic swabs to remove bacteria or dust.

Step 3. Choose the proper size of Jelly glue and press-on nails.

Step 4. Open the adhesive strip and press the nails into place for 10 seconds.

How to Remove Press-on Nails

Step 1. Fill up a small bowl with warm water. It should be deep enough to dip your fingers into it easily.

Step 2. Let your nails soak for a few minutes.

Step 3. Wiggle the press-on nails to see if they are ready to come off. Use the cuticle stick to gently and slowly peel off the nails.

Step 4. Clean your hands and put the reusable nails back to the box.

Now get ready to show your “real” nails to your friends.

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