Solved! How Do Beginners Find Nail Drill that Suits Them?

Solved! How Do Beginners Find Nail Drill that Suits Them?

Ⅰ. What Difficulties Beginners Encounter in Using Nail Drill?

As a nail salon lover, you must really want to try it by yourself at home, so you need an electric nail drill to help you. Before using it, though, you want to be sure that you have a thorough understanding of the way it works, especially if this is your first time trying one out. Here are some questions about the use of beginners.

  1. The nail drill pen is made by mental that is so heavy for beginners. They can’t find balance immediately that can't steer or control it.
  2. The speed is so fast that the nails are frictional heating.
  3. It's hard to use one hand to turn on or off the nail drill.
  4. The price is a little high that they still use traditional sandpaper to polish their nails, which is very harmful and inefficient.

What difficulties beginners encounter in using nail drill?


Ⅱ. How Do Beginners Find Nail Drill that Suits Them?

The best nail drill isn’t always the easiest one for beginners to use. If you’re interested in doing your own manicures and pedicures at home, you should look for a reliable, easy-to-use version of the professional ones.

I would like to recommend a best electric nail drill for beginners. With the Stacie Electric Nail Drill that will be mentioned in this post, you can drill nails easily, even without investing in professional training.

Nail drill for beginners


Ⅲ. Five Reasons for Choosing Stacie Electric Nail Drill 25,000RPM

1.  Lightweight and Low Heat Handpiece

nail drill for beginners

For a beginner, it is very important hold a lightweight and low heat nail drill that void some unnecessary safety accidents. This drill has low noise and smooth operation with variable speed control (0-25,000 RPM ) which is very convenient for beginners to use.

2.  Easy to Operate

As a novice, you can easily read the picture caption.

very convenient nail drill

3.  Two Direction Control

To control the direction that the drill spins by pressing the F&R button. This feature makes it easier for both right- and left-handed people to use the drill.

very convenient nail drill

4.  Lovely and Exquisite Design

very convenient nail drill

The desktop designing that you can pick it easily in your home and put it everywhere. It’s cute just like an apple putting on the table.

5.  The Price-quality Ratio Is Very High.

     50% OFF for pre-sale

The price-quality ratio is very high, it’s just cost $43.99. Besides, MelodySusie 11th anniversary sale will be held on Sep 7 - Oct 7, 2020.  There will be a half price discount if you attend the event during this period.

With a wide range of tools and equipment at your disposal, you will be working like a pro in no time.





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