Everything You Need to Know About Electric Nail Drill Maintenance at Home

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Nail Drill Maintenance at Home

Maintaining your precious nail drill is just as important as maintaining gorgeous nails. Whether you’re a nail technician or you use your nail drill at home, knowing how to properly maintain it with help ensure you get the best performance & efficiency out of your equipment. Electric nail drill maintenance isn’t too hard. We’ll be sharing with you some tips & tricks to make maintaining your electric nail drill easy.


Nail Drill Maintenance Tips

Do’s & Don’ts of Nail Drill Maintenance


  • It’s unnecessary to use lubricating agents on your electric nail file. Typically, nail drills are built with self-lubricating bearings. Additional oil can generate too much heat which can wear down the nail drill machine cause it to overheat.
  • Never dip the nail drill’s handpiece into a disinfectant. Doing so will damage the interior motor, causing it to break or malfunction.
  • Don’t switch your drill to the other direction while it is still forwarding. Always switch it off before changing the direction to prevent damage.


  • Use a fine cloth, microfiber, & soft brushes to remove dust & debris from small crevices in your device. When wiping it with a damp cloth, always make sure your nail drill set is unplugged.
  • Hold your nail device carefully & steadily without bending the handle. Keep track of the angle the drill’s cord is sitting.
  • Always remove the nail drill bit from your drill when you’re finished.
  • Carefully ensure your drill bits are installed precisely to avoid loosening the drill stem.

Routine Electrician Check-ups

One of the most important parts of maintaining your perfect nail drill is having it checked by a professional electrician annually. While your drill may seem fine on the outside, the electrical parts within can become loose, noisy, and dirty. You should never wait for an issue to arise before bringing your nail drill to an electrician for a check-up.

A routine nail drill check-up consists of the handpiece being removed & cleaned on the inside. Dust and filed nail debris build-up within the machine, which can cause it to run poorly and make strange sounds. If any parts need to be replaced, you will be informed & provided a quote for the repair.

How to Clean Your Drill

Cleaning your drill should be done after every use. Debris and dust easily collect in the nail file drill’s crevices which can hamper performance if build-up becomes too much. The best way to clean your drill bit is with a fine cloth or a small, soft-bristled brush. You can also use canned air to blow away the small particles after each use. *Remember to unplug your device before cleaning to prevent damage.

Maintaining Nail Drill Bits

Don’t forget about maintaining your drill bits! After each use it is suggested to either dust or clean off your bits with a fine cloth or brush. Disinfection procedures must be followers according to regulations to prevent the spread of germs from one client to another. To do this you must scrub the drill bits with soapy water or soak them in acetone. After this, use a metal disinfectant making sure to follow the manufacturer’s provided instructions. Air dry the bits thoroughly before storing them in a covered, dry place. We highly suggest using our UV Light Sanitizer Box to keep your drill bits clean & sanitized between uses.

Consider MelodySusie Drills & Accessories

It goes without saying that higher quality nail drills & accessories last longer. The MelodySusie online shop has a wide array of nail drill & bit sets. Our drills range from portable & affordable to a high standard, professional quality. Regardless of which drill you choose, each of our drills comes with a 12-month warranty to ensure a high-quality experience for our customers.

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