New Arrival--- MelodySusie PM220C Cordless Rechargeable Nail Drill

New Arrival--- MelodySusie PM220C Cordless Rechargeable Nail Drill


MelodySusie is very excited to introduce you our newest member to our nail drill family, the Atena Cordless Rechargeable Nail Drill, a nail drill that combines technology innovation, convenience, and comfort together which will bring you a totally new SMART experience of filing your nails!

1.Why You Need a Nail Drill Without A Cord?

You might have to keep a corded nail drill plugged in at all time to keep it running. In addition, you will need to choose a right length of the cord. If the cord is too short, it limits the area you can work. If the cord is too long, you will need to organize it otherwise it will make the place a mess. And you will have to worry about accidentally yanking the cord or the need to untie the annoying tangled wires, which could totally drive you nuts!

Cordless nail drills, on the other hand, are a great option because you don’t need to worry about the cord at all! Atena Nail Drill is a rechargeable, cordless pen-shaped nail drill that is purposely designed for its ease of use. You can move freely with it, wherever you go, and on whichever finger or toe you want. They provide the maximum freedom to you.

You may worry that the battery may not last long. Don’t worry! Our Atena Cordless Rechargeable Nail Drill works for 1-2 hours after being fully charged, which is enough for your daily nail art use. If you need to use it for a longer time, you can use it when it is charing . The USB-TYPE-C design allows you to charge on laptops, power banks or adapters.

In addition, the net weight of the electric nail is only 2.2 ounces. It is so lightweighted and compact that you can carry it in your bag wherever you go! It is perfect for home, at work or when travel.

2. Two-way Rotation and 3 Speed Adjustment

To change the direction of the rotation, simply press the button, and it will only take 0.5s to change. It's also very easy operate whether you use left or right hand. The speed range is from 15,000 rpm to 28,000 rpm with 3 speed options. Easy to get the speed you want.

To change the speed, press the on/off button to turn on this nail drill machine at first, then:

  • press 1 time to adjust speed to Level 1 (1,5000rpm)
  • press 2 times to Level 2 (2,5000rpm)
  • press 3 times to Level 3 (2,8000rpm)

3. Low Heat, Low Noise, & Low Vibration Design

Atena nail drill is built with a powerful but quiet motor with a specially designed heat dissipation technology, it keeps the nail drill under low heat, with low noise, and low vibration.

4. What else do I get?

With every Atena drill, it comes with 7 kinds of 3/32” interchangeable nail drill bits, including 6 metal drill bits and 1 ceramic nail bit, and plus 26 sanding bands in the package, to meet all your requirements and needs for nail polishing, filing, and removing, suitable for acrylic nails, gel nails, dip powder, cuticle calluses, natural nails,  toenails and so on.

To change the bit for the nail drill, simply do the followings:
Turn left (Clockwise) until you hear the “ click” at first;
Take out the test bit;
Insert your desired bit;
Turn right (Anti-clockwise) to lock the bit tightly.

Furthermore, Atena comes with 2 more colors, which will be released very shortly!

Any more questions on our Atena Cordless Rechargeable Nail Drill now?

To find out more about our nail bits, click below:

Or to email us with your questions or suggestions!

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i would like to place an order. I live in Bermuda.

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