Celebrate MelodySusie 12th Anniversary

Celebrate MelodySusie 12th Anniversary

MelodySusie is celebrating our 12th anniversary! For 12 years of bringing high-quality nail treatment and care systems to women all over the world, we’d like to take the opportunity to walk you through our stories.

Twelve years ago, Melody and Susie—two cosmetologists and nail art professionals—started this beauty brand in San Francisco, California, after watching hundreds of women struggle to maintain their personal care at home with affordable products.  They decided to switch gears and change careers to business owner and retail provider, with the mission of bringing the best nail care products in the world. 

For the past 12 years, MelodySusie has dedicated to help women balance all important aspects of life, including work, family, social, and self-care.  Therefore, MelodySusie nail treatment systems—from professional drill kits to long-lasting gel nail polish kits—are deliberately designed to meet every busy woman’s needs for professional, convenient, and affordable mani-pedi self-care products.

Now, we are proud that MelodySusie has grown into an internationally well-known beauty brand and a top-ranked nail brand on Amazon with a high reputation for producing salon-quality products that are efficient, easy to use, and affordable.

Here are what customers say about MelodySusie.
criswil09: My favorite company, MelodySusie, for more than several years already. The nail drill---Scarlet nail drill is one of the best drills in the market. I love the items sold here so much!

Meggy: I’m just starting to get into nails so I’ve been on the hunt for a nail drill that’s good quality but still beginners friendly. I know the drill is what makes or breaks your set shape pop !!! Nails are an investment so I want only the best. So glad I came across MelodySusie. 

wrinkles255: I have the drill from MelodySusie. It's the best drill ever. I'm a nail technician and i use that drill plus the e file their both perfect and i highly recommend them to everyone from MelodySusie.

nailedbyella2019: Best drill EVER!!! I AM IN LOVE all the way from the website, who is one repeat customer...its MELODYSUSIE for me

Suzette: I love MelodySusie very much, which has really good products. I tried many items on the website now. All their products are 100% the real deal. I assure you that they're reputable!

MelodySusie now have multiple product lines designed and manufactured by 500+ employees and in our 160,000 square-foot factory, and shipped to our valuable customers around the world.  We offer a complete nail treatment solution that a girl would ever need for her nail and self-beauty care, including:

In addition, MelodySusie has also expanded the product line to Skincare products and much much more.

MelodySusie will continue to create more reliable home beauty products that blend fun, fashion, and functionality through technological innovation. Keep an eye on these products by subscribing www.melodysusie.com, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Also to celebrate MelodySusie’s 12th Year Anniversary, we will have BIG discounts coming up, so please stay tuned!

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