MelodySusie at IBS NY Show 2018

Hi MelodySusie friends,

So, we’ve just finished up at the International Beauty Show New York (IBS NY), which is the nation’s longest running beauty show (over 100 years!). Read more here “MelodySusie Exhibiting at IBS NY Show 2018”. We met many new friends, including salon owners, nail artists and professionals, as well as many students busy with final exams! We were also grateful to meet with those already familiar with our nail lamps, drills, and gel polishes, it was lovely to meet you all in person. We had a great time hearing all your feedback and doing what we do best, listening to your need for new nail products.

Day 1: Busy booth

We sold hundreds of nail drills and nail lamps to ecstatic new customers on just the first day! We were surprised by the different demographics and occupations we saw, MelodySusie products are affordable and easy to use, which is why anyone from professionals to beginners can buy and try! We are so proud of our team for meeting and greeting such a wonderful crowd of beauty hungry show goers!

Staff showing 6W nail lamp to nail technicians.

Water-transfer 6W LED nail lamp

This cute, little 6W nail lamp limited edition with unique prints were liked by many students, makeup professionals and those who wanted a speedy manicure anywhere, anytime. It’s handheld size fits in your palm and retails at the price of $16.99. The 4 unique prints, white and black marble, zigzag, and graffiti were sold out within the first 3 hours of the show. Check them out


4 water-transfer prints sold out within the first 3 hours of the show!

Also, our new release Pro48W UV/LED 2in1 Nail Lamp was also sold well to the nail professionals.

What people love about this nail lamp are:

- Efficient and powerful, curing all UV and LED gels in 30-60 seconds

- A removable magnetic base that allows for larger space for bigger hands and pedicure.

- Timer screen on top that shows remaining curing time.

- Affordable price and simple to use.

We were the only brand at the show that has a full-line of UV/LED nail lamps!

For Nail Drills, the shine drill and the portable nail drill were the most popular. Understandably, many customers mentioned that they were nervous to use a nail drill at first, so we reassured them that our nail drills are easy to control and great for beginners (not to mention that it doesn’t break the bank!).

An already existing and valued customer was delighted to tell us that she already has two of our nail drills. She continued by saying that she appreciated what MelodySusie had done for her to help her learn and grow as a technician.

Furthermore, we received a suggestion to create a portable drill belt holder, what do you think? Is this something you would find useful? Let us know in the comments.

Overall, we are extremely happy with our first experience with IBS NY. The feedback and needs that we collected from our customers will help us continue to strive for designing more quality and affordable nail and beauty products for our customers.

Spring Fling!

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