4 Coolest Sandals and Pedicure Shades for Summer Time

4 Coolest Sandals and Pedicure Shades for Summer Time

Summer is right around the corner! Ready for a vacation or a cool Music Festival? Before going out to chill, something you cannot overlook is your outfit. Yep, it’s perfect time to put on your sandals! And with that IT sandal, you will need a beautiful pedicure!

No, you don’t want to have ugly feet with those beautiful sandals!

Here we take a closer look at 4 colorful sandals and pretty pedicure shades, pick one of your colors and get ready for the summer!

Fresh Green

“Chin up, Girls!” The color green represents the renewal, growth, and good luck. It has the power to relax and refresh you. Green is your go-to color in Summer that can brighten you up anywhere, even in the workplace. So, don’t hesitate to go for Green!

Source: & Instagram/@o.neul.s_nail

Bright Yellow

Yellow! Right, no doubt it looks just gorgeous on everything. Having a touch of yellow in the summer is always an eye catcher no matter of your style! Anyway, to spice your outfit with a bit of sunshine, try Yellow!

Source: NEOUS-Opus suede mules & Instagram/@FOOTQUEENBEE

Metallic Silver

Wanna be a cool girl? Then the shimmery silver is your choice! It’s a sophisticated way to take you to the next level. Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us. Pairing perfectly with a crop top, be yourself and show modern style on summer day.

Source: & Instagram/@o.neuo.l_nail

Soft Peach

Not addicted to pink? Try peach. The color of creativity and warmth provides you a sense of balance. Whatever the season, Wherever you go, it always makes you stand out. The neutral shade of peach trends a new fashion and it can be the great match to your open-toes for sure.

Source: & Instagram/ @o.neuo.l_nail

All in all, lighting up your palette in this energetic season and stepping out with confidence.

Oh, Don’t forget to add an adorable nail dryer into your summer. Our design of portable, fast-drying and smart can make you different.

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Have a comment or a thought to share for your favorite sandals or pedicure design? Leave us a comment below.

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